Mesothelioma Types and Prognosis

Mesothelioma Types and Prognosis
Mesothelioma Types and Prognosis
September 10, 2016

Mesothelioma is almost always associated with exposure to asbestos. It is a form of cancer that is most frequently results from the cells lining the sac of the chest (known as the pleura) or the abdomen (known as the peritoneum). The chest cavity and lungs are the areas most associated with mesothelioma. Mesothelioma arises from the cells lining the chest or abdominal cavities.

Latency period affects diagnosis and prognosis of mesothelioma

Mesothelioma has a long latency period of twenty to fifty years. At this point, there may be no symptoms of the disease or the symptoms may resemble those of respiratory infections. The long latency period often affect the diagnosis and prognosis and this factor varies with the different types of mesothelioma.

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Different factors can affect the prognosis of mesothelioma

Among the factors that can affect the prognosis of mesothelioma are the size of the tumor, where the tumor is located and the extent of other symptoms like accumulation of fluid in the lungs or abdomen. The type of mesothelioma is also a factor that affects the prognosis because different types of mesothelioma occur in different locations and present different symptoms.

Some mesotheliomas are more common than the others

There are three types of mesothelioma namely pleural, peritoneal and pericardial mesothelioma. Pleural mesothelioma is the most common among the three forms. The symptoms are presented in the chest area. The form that is rarest is the pericardial mesothelioma and is implicated with the sac surrounding the heart. Peritoneal mesothelioma affects the organs in the abdomen and presents symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal swelling and obstruction of the bowel.

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Early diagnosis can affect prognosis

The prognosis of mesothelioma depends to a long extent on the aggressive treatment used on the patient. Early diagnosis can also affect the prognosis of mesothelioma. The cell type has a huge role to play on mesothelioma prognosis.

Two types of cells develop into mesothelioma

Cancerous cells are cells that have lost all genetic controls to their growth and division. Two types of cells are known to have the potential to develop into mesothelioma cancer and they are epithelioid cells and sarcomatoid cells.

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There is a device that can be used for prognosis

As technology continues to grow, more medical devices are made to speed up diagnosis of some common disease and health problems. PrognostiCheck is one of those devices that have been developed to measure prognosis and severity of the disease. The device works by measuring the resistance, reactance and phase angle in a noninvasive way.

Medical treatment options are diverse for mesothelioma victims

There is no definitive cure for mesothelioma and other forms of cancer. The different treatment options available are either geared at reducing the size of the tumor or relieving the pain the patient is going through. When the tumor is very big, surgery is usually employed to remove it. Chemotherapy is one of the early treatment options that have been employed for the treatment of mesothelioma and other forms of cancers but the setback to this treatment option is that it is too invasive and can lead to loss of large number of healthy cells.

The future of mesothelioma victims is bright

There have been ongoing research to develop more effective treatment options for mesothelioma and some of them have been very promising. Recent treatment options are more specific and require less dosage to reach the target cells.

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Article highlights

  • Mesothelioma is associated with the lining of the sacs of the chest.
  • The most common form of mesothelioma is pleural mesothelioma.
  • There are three types of mesothelioma.
  • The rarest form of mesothelioma is pericardial mesothelioma.
  • Early diagnosis affects the prognosis of mesothelioma.
  • There is a device that can measure the prognosis and severity of disease.
  • Epithelioid cells and sarcomatoid can develop into mesothelioma.
  • The type of cell plays a role in mesothelioma prognosis.
  • Surgery is used to remove very large tumors.
  • Current researches are made to be more target specific.

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