Significance of Communication between Attorney and Client in a Mesothelioma Case

Significance of Communication between Attorney and Client in a Mesothelioma Case
Significance of Communication between Attorney and Client in a Mesothelioma Case
October 20, 2016

It is always emphasized that mesothelioma victims should go for very good attorneys with a track record in mesothelioma case handling. No matter how experienced the attorney is, they will never have a good client relationship if there is a communication gap between them. Hence, the client may not be properly represented.

Access the ease of communication between you and an attorney before hiring

While considering which attorney to hire to stand in for your mesothelioma case, always make sure you hire one that you can easily approach and talk to. If you do not feel comfortable talking with an attorney or they are not always disposed of you to talk to them, you should not bother hiring them in the first place.

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You can determine the qualification of a lawyer by communicating with them

An attorney who is highly knowledgeable in his field will unconsciously radiate the knowledge and use terms relating to the field whenever you are communicating with them. Their choice of words and grammatical construct alone will have a great role to play in the court when they stand to convince the judge. There are some questions you need to ask your attorney on your first meeting. They are listed below:

1. Which type of cases takes more of your concentration?

Finding an attorney who concentrates more on asbestos litigation is a plus to your lawsuit because they are highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of the case. Also, they have the expertise on how to investigate the client’s asbestos exposure history which is the key to tracking asbestos manufacturers.

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2. What percentage of mesothelioma cases do you address per annum?

It may not be easy to find a lawyer that deals with only asbestos litigation, but if the majority of their clients are those filing for mesothelioma, it is an indication that they are experienced and very familiar with the case. Some lawyers will only accept to represent those filing an asbestos lawsuit without having any sign of asbestos-related illness themselves.

Claims by people who are not sick are limiting the fund available for sick people

Some states have made it a law that plaintiffs who are not ill will be restricted from seeking a certain fraction of the money. This was a response to the outcry of critics who pointed out that giving out claims to those with an asbestos exposure that are not ill is depleting what is left in the reserve to take care of those who are ill.

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Mesothelioma lawyers will help you bypass the new law

Lawyers who have good experience with mesothelioma know that the life expectancy of those who have been diagnosed is short. They also know that the prognosis is poor because of the way it can easily be mistaken for other infections. These and more points they will use to back up your claim to show that it is valid.

3. Ask them to describe their experience

Here, you can ask them to point out the number of cases they have successfully completed, you can also ask them about their most trial moments and the cases that challenged them the most. These questions which are directed to legal issues will also help you determine the level of communication of the attorney.

4. Possibility of filing your case in another state

If it seems appropriate, it is the duty of your mesothelioma attorney to file your case in another state. He/she will be your eyes and ears without having any need to travel.

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Article highlights

  • Patients who got mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos in their workplace can seek for compensation.
  • Asbestos patients will need to hire a good attorney to represent them.
  • Communication is important when choosing an attorney.
  • An attorney will not represent their client effectively if there is a communication gap.
  • Communicating with your attorney will help you to access their reputation.
  • The expertise of an attorney will decide if you will be successful in the claim or not.
  • Choose an attorney who handles more asbestos litigation cases.
  • Paying of claims to those who are not ill is limiting the amount of money available for those who are sick.
  • Mesothelioma prognosis can be mistaken for other infection.
  • An attorney will help you determine if it is possible to file your case in another state.

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