Therapies that Deals with Emotional Challenges of Mesothelioma

Therapies that Deals with Emotional Challenges of Mesothelioma
Therapies that Deals with Emotional Challenges of Mesothelioma
September 22, 2016

The moment one has been diagnosed of cancer, the realization often comes like a huge shock which is accompanied by emotional outpour. If the emotions are not put under check, they may adversely affect the patient leading to more debilitating illnesses like high blood pressure, depression and stroke.

Emotional therapies help patient cope with mesothelioma

One way of dealing with the emotional stress that comes with mesothelioma is by using emotional therapies. Emotional outburst can come during or after treatment for different reasons. Emotional therapies can be by meditation, counseling or pet therapy but the target of all of them is to help the patient cope with the emotional stress.

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Emotional therapies reduces stress

Emotional therapies work on the patient to reduce their mental stress. Stress is known to reduce the level of immunity of the patient. When the emotional therapies reduce stress, the patient would have a better chance at healing.

Meditation is the core of emotional treatment

The practice of meditation will help the patient to become more aware of themselves. Not only will meditation solve emotional and spiritual problems, it can also solve physical problems too. One of the core results that can be obtained through meditation is reduction in depression. It can also bring relief to physical discomfort and anxiety.

Survival rate is improved by meditation

There are studies that claim that meditation can reduce the rate of cancer patient’s tumor growth by ten percent. Although this claim has not been widely verified, what is known is that meditation can improve the survival rate of cancer patients.

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Utilization of meditation in medical field is to reduce grief

Treatment of angry or grieving patients is one of the most difficult tasks in the medical profession. When patients are faced with life threatening conditions, it is normal for them to become angry especially in when their suffering can be linked to the mistake of another person – like in mesothelioma which is most common among workers that have had long exposure to asbestos particles.

Meditation is grouped into two categories

There are several types of meditations. Each ethnicity or religion has their own ways of meditation but the two main types are the spiritually-framed meditation and the non-spiritual meditation. Their names are derived from the motive behind the meditation.

Spiritual meditation is done for reassurance

As Karl Max said, ‘religion is the opium of the masses’. Most religion practices believe in a supernatural being and a life beyond the present one. Since some doctors would give cancer patients a probable time they will live, prayer, reading of spiritual books and meditating upon them can provide reassurance. Prayer and quiet reflection has been known to reduce anxiety and anger.

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Non-spiritual meditation is done to improve mental awareness

It is not all the time that meditation will have a religious connotation. A survey was once carried out on non-religious cancer patients. The findings of the survey showed that they practiced meditation for the purpose of obtaining peace of mind.

Counseling is an important part of meditation

There is a popular saying that no man is an island and it is common to see mesothelioma patients who can no longer cope with the aggressive treatment plan – popping pills into the mouth at specific times. At such points, they need someone to reassure them.

Always choose your counselor wisely

Just anyone cannot be a good counselor. Choose someone that has experience with cancer, preferably someone that works in a cancer facility. Your counselor should have a good listening ear, be caring and at least have a degree.

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Article highlights

  • Being diagnosed of cancer can result in mental stress.
  • Emotional therapy aims at eliminating anxiety and depression.
  • Meditation is a part of emotional therapy.
  • Meditation can be spiritual or non-spiritual.
  • Those that practice non-spiritual meditation do so to have peace of mind.
  • Emotional therapy has been shown to improve the quality of life of mesothelioma patients.
  • Meditation is employed in the medical field to reduce anger and grief.
  • Mesothelioma patients who can no longer cope with the treatment need counselors.
  • Counselor needs to be caring and knowledgeable about cancer.
  • Spiritual meditation reassures the patient.

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