What You Need to Know about Foods That Worsen Cancer

What You Need to Know about Foods That Worsen Cancer
What You Need to Know about Foods That Worsen Cancer
October 1, 2016

People diagnosed of cancer often get conflicting information on what to eat and what not to eat. Doctors advise the mesothelioma patients certain food items that improve their condition and also forbid those that will worsen it. Sitting on top of the list of foods that should be taken with caution is sugar. Have you ever heard of the ‘sugar feeds cancer’ or wondered what it really meant? Here is the truth you need to know.

Sugar is the energy currency of the body

When you take in carbohydrates, your body will break it down into simpler form known as sugars. Examples of sugars that can be gotten from the breakdown of carbohydrates are glucose and galactose. Glucose is used by the body to produce energy.

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The amount of glucose in the body is regulated by insulin

Consumption of foods that are rich in simple sugars will raise the level of your blood sugar.To keep this in check, the pancreas is stimulated to release insulin (a type of hormone). Research findings show that cancerous cells have more insulin receptors when compared to normal cells. This implies that the increases of insulin can stimulate cancer cells to grow since insulin is a growth hormone.

Increased consumption can lead to diabetes

Heavy consumption of food rich in carbohydrate either stimulate the growth of cancer directly or lead to other health conditions that increases the risk of cancer. Diabetes is one of the debilitating illnesses caused by excess sugar in the body. This will result when the insulin is unable to mop the excess sugar from the blood.The other health condition that can arise from excess sugar in the body which predisposes one to cancer is obesity.

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Insulin level can be controlled by moderate consumption of sugar

The body needs energy in the form of sugar (glucose to be precise). However, knowing that excess sugar will increase the level of insulin in the body which predisposes one to cancer, it is paramount to keep the level of glucose consumption low.

Reduce the amount of processed food consumption

Limiting the consumption of corn syrup and table sugars should be your first step in reducing your sugar consumption. Less emphasis is on foods such as rice, beans, oat, and wholegrain; because they contain complex carbohydrates, which releases their sugars slowly during the digestion process thereby preventing a gush in insulin level.

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Take carbohydrates with protein or fiber

When you take carbohydrate alone, it will be digested quickly and the sugars sent into your blood stream. To prevent this, always serve carbohydrates with protein, fat or fiber rich food. These other food contents will slow down the absorption of the sugar into the body. Read the label of what you buy carefully to make sure their sugar content is low.

Daily exercising is recommended

When you engage in rigorous exercise, your body uses up the excess glucose quickly to provide energy. This helps to keep the blood glucose level down. When the blood glucose level is down, less amount of insulin is released into the blood stream and less harm would be done. Taking a balanced diet alongside a good exercise regimen will have a far reaching effect.

Your nutritionist can give you food recommendations

Whole wheat crackers with peanut butter are a great food combination to try. Lots of fruits along with fat are also beneficial to the body. Getting this combinations right may be a little difficult and that is why you may need the services of a professional nutritionist. Your nutritionist should be able to point you in the right direction regarding what to eat.

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Article highlights

  • There is a misconception that sugar feeds cancer.
  • Sugar increases the level of insulin in the body.
  • Cancerous cells have been found to have more insulin receptors.
  • The breakdown of carbohydrate to sugar is slower.
  • Glucose is the form of sugar that is easily assimilated by the body.
  • Insulin is a hormone secreted by pancreas.
  • Reduction in sugar intake will reduce surge in insulin.
  • Daily exercise is recommended for keeping glucose level low.
  • Taking carbohydrate along with protein and fiber will reduce the assimilation of glucose.
  • A nutritionist will guide you on what to eat.

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