Wonderful Effects of Long Distance Mesothelioma Care-giving

Wonderful Effects of Long Distance Mesothelioma Care-giving
Wonderful Effects of Long Distance Mesothelioma Care-giving
May 14, 2016

Mesothelioma is a difficult situation to be handled with patience and care. Those who have been diagnosed of this asbestos linked cancer would require all the help they need from friends and family members to pull through the trauma psychologically. There is often the possibility of denial from family members who among other things may play the less concerned role.

What about a family member who really cares about the one that is afflicted but due to distance may be unable to help? If you find yourself in that category, there is a way you can show care from a distance and make the family member have a sense of belonging and strengthen them mentally.

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A phone call can make all the difference

Every distance waters down under the power of phone call. Though the family member may be miles or hours away, one can easily reach them with a phone to send words of encouragement at such trying time.

You can make it a habit to call them at a particular time of the day so that the longing for your call soon replaces the fear of the disease especially when the prognosis has revealed that the patient has few years or months to live.

Care-giving with the help technology

In the past, the only distant care that was possible was probably phone calls but as technology kept growing, the story has changed for the better. Not only did it become easy to reach out to far relatives, but cheaper too.

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One of the newest possibilities is the power of video calling. Video calls allow people to see each other when they are making calls. Many apps today incorporate the possibility of video calling. It is always thrilling when these patients can see their family members like they were standing in front of them.

Not only would patients get solace from family members. Growth in technology has brought about online forums. Today, there are forums dedicated to mesothelioma patients and new patients would find solace and encouragement from those who are going through the same condition or those that have survived.

Expected role of long-distance care-givers

A long distance care-giver (secondary care giver) is in a better position to gather information concerning the disease and also treatment options if there is any and relay it to those around the patient (primary care giver). Primary care giver is often too preoccupied to go into extensive research.

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Coordinating services from a distance

A family member who stays a long distance away can still be able to coordinate the healthcare services of a mesothelioma stricken family member by paying the bills and/ or organizing family meetings when they deem it fit to attend to discuss on ways to further care for the sick member.

Switching places even for a short while

No amount of secondary care giving can be compared to the primary. The latter is invaluable in that the bulk of the work falls on them. So, a secondary care-giver can make out time, no matter how short to play the role of a primary care-giver and this will surely leave a lasting impression.

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Article highlights

  • There are two classes of care givers namely primary and secondary.
  • Primary care givers perform the bulk of the care giving.
  • Family members in a distance can coordinate care giving by paying bills.
  • Telephone has made keeping in touch very easy.
  • Technology has made keeping in touch easier by introducing video calling.
  • Distant care givers can help in research on treatment options.
  • A call from a distant family member will be highly appreciated.
  • It can be traumatic if your family member has mesothelioma and you are too far to render help.
  • Primary care givers rarely have time for any research.
  • Secondary care givers can coordinate meetings of all family members.

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