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Looking for Project Topics in Nursing? Try these Resources

It is always embedded as part of the academic curriculum for students to carry out a project during the course of their study for a higher degree and before your completion of your nursing program you will be required to complete a project. The nursing project is a great task that is time consuming and requires hard work.

Analyzing the Exceptional Nursing Curriculum Met by Walden University

One of the greatest accomplishments any university can accomplish in any of its programs is getting its accreditation. Some time ago, the Walden University’s School of Nursing announced the accreditation of her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The best part of the news is that it all happened in her first year of eligibility.

Step by Step of What It Takes to Produce a Great Nursing Project

Completing a nursing project is often made mandatory for nursing students in the period of their course study. The main purpose of nursing projects is usually to improve procedures or problems which have been observed to be problematic. To produce a stunning project, every nursing student has to follow some important step.

Guide to Formulating Great Practice Questions for Nursing Students

A student who wants to excel in performance must have a way of testing their level of preparations long before the general examination commences. For nurses, such an examination has to be between them and their patient and that is where the PICOT questions come handy. PICOT questions are structured to help nurses provide the best care to their patients and track their progress as well.

Easy Steps to Creating Quality and Relevant PICOT Question for Nursing Program

To make sure half-baked nurses are not churched out of nursing schools to become tomorrow’s potential health hazards, nursing courses are made to be competitive and the students are bombarded with tasks and challenged with various medical procedures and terms – which they are expected to know eventually.

Sim Chart can Provide an Excellent Resource for Nursing Students

Learning is increasingly becoming more online oriented than offline. In recent times, courses that were not initially available for study online are increasingly being studied online because of the aid provided by the rapidly evolving technological space. To this effect, some programs have been developed to help online students and Sim Chart happen to be one of them.

Getting a Great Foundation in Nursing Begins at Jersey College School of Nursing

Nursing is a great profession that deals with health management. Healthcare, in general, offers fulfillment to those who choose the path. Some cities have been reported with a shortage of nurses. Hence, those who are able to make nursing their career will find prosperity because they would not have to struggle so hard to get a job.

Racism among Nurses: Records Show Pay Disparities

Looking at the profession of the nurses from a distance, one might consider it a profession of nobleness and unity, judging from their white gown which makes them uniform. However, a 2007 survey which studied the wages of close to 3000 nurses in New York City revealed that their only uniformity may be limited to their uniforms. The wide difference in pay will shock you too.

How Your Record can Change the Cost of Getting a Nursing License

It is a thrilling experience to graduate from a nursing school but that is not the goal, rather a ladder that will help you to climb to your goal. In other words, while celebrating your graduation from a nursing school, you have to bear it in mind that it will not make you a nurse. It only qualifies you to take the state nursing licensing exam.

Tips to Secure the Best Care from Nursing Staff in the Hospital

The duty of patience care is almost always left in the hands of the nurses while the doctors intervene in very critical situations. This makes it crucial to cultivate a good relationship between you and the nurses. This very important relationship can begin with simple greetings – thank you and little gifts like flowers or candy bars.

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