Adult Learning Center for Nursing Training in Brooklyn

Adult Learning Center for Nursing Training in Brooklyn
Adult Learning Center for Nursing Training in Brooklyn
August 27, 2016

There is a popular saying that learning never ends and as humans, we keep learning something new every day. This is in contrast to what many people believe – that learning is only achieved within the four walls of a school. Not everyone is privileged to achieve their childhood dream career at the time they want it. Some keep nursing these dreams to the older years of their life.

Age however does not deter some people from chasing such dreams, as long as they have all it takes to achieve it. Having this realization, the Brooklyn Adult Learning Center located in Bedford-Stuyvesant has received and accreditation of her practical nursing training program with a full license of operation.

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LPN prgram opens the door

Licensed Practical Nursing program is one of the nursing courses taught in schools and it falls under the Office of Adult and Continuing Education. In Brooklyn, it is the cheapest of the available four and run by the New York City Department of Education. LPN is a certification course and trainees who successfully complete the program can practice.

Adults have attention problem

Unlike the teens and youths, adult education has its shortfall in the area of focus. Not that the institution itself has not direction, but the adult students are very much distracted. Majority of them would have other engagements that need their attention and this is why of the reasons it is very difficult to milk the best out of adult students.

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The cost of running an LPN program

In Brooklyn, the tuition fee for The Brooklyn Adult Learning Center is two thousand five hundred dollars. This fee is to be paid once throughout the program and the program lasts only a year (12 months). The tuition covers uniform, examination fee (NCLEX-PN), books, equipment and supplies. There is also a financial aid from the program to those who qualify.

There is a huge competition in this program and it is evident in the results of the NCLEX-PN examination. In 2013 for example, the Brooklyn Adult Learning Center had a total of thirty seven students that took the NCLEX-PN examination and thirty three of the thirty seven passed. This brings the percentage pass to around eighty nine percent.

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The requirements for application into the program

To be considered for the Brooklyn Adult Learning Center, the candidate has to be above 21 years of age and needs to present the following documents;

  • Present PNAT (Pre-Nursing Assessment Test)
  • Proof that you are a citizen or resident of the United States
  • Proof that you are a resident of New York city
  • Photo ID
  • High school diploma or General Education Development (GED)
  • Medical report to show you are fit and free of disease

The Location of Brooklyn learning center

The Brooklyn Adult Learning Center is located at 1475 NostrandAvenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216. If you are having challenge in locating the place, either use a GPS system or a generic direction search an you will surely not be wrong.

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Article highlights

  • An adage says that learning never ends.
  • Age is not a criteria to achieving one’s goals.
  • Brooklyn Adult Learning Center located in Bedford-Stuyvesant is accredited for nursing program.
  • Licensed Practical Nursing program is one of the nursing courses taught in schools.
  • LPN is the cheapest nursing program that can be run in Brooklyn.
  • $2,500 is the tuition for Brooklyn Adult Learning Center.
  • The tuition for Brooklyn Adult Learning Center covers uniform, examination fee (NCLEX-PN), books, equipment and supplies.
  • LPN program lasts for a maximum of 1 year.
  • A lot of people struggle for limited spaces in the program.
  • Some criteria must be met before admission is offered.

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