All about Post BSc Nursing Course and Correspondence Course

All about Post BSc Nursing Course and Correspondence Course
All about Post BSc Nursing Course and Correspondence Course
October 11, 2016

A nurse is often thought of as an angel of mercy. The job of a nurse is virtuous and noble. It is the nurse who provides bedside care for patients. A nurse has a spectrum of responsibilities entrusted in her and hence she needs to be skilled and a multi-tasker. They are also known as the alternate pair of hands of a doctor. This article brings to you all that you need to know about post BSc nursing course and about online courses.

Post BSc nursing course helps one to learn professionalism

The post BSc nursing course aims at making students realize the responsibilities of a nurse and also orients students about the latest practices used in nursing. It also educates students on how to provide holistic care to patients and how they would offer services in a community setting.

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Validity of Post BSc nursing certificates depends on the duration of the course

The duration of a post BSc nursing course is 2 years. This is a course for nursing diploma holders so as to equate them with graduate nurses. If you are offered any other like courses from any institution in less than 2 years, it has no validation in the international standard of Post BSc nursing certificate. The certificate obtained after successful completion of 2 years course only is valid all over the world.

Eligibility criteria for a post BSc nursing course

Those who hold a diploma in general nursing and midwifery and registered nurse or registered midwife can apply for this course. Other than this, the candidate should be medically fit and have a good and clean personal and professional record. The candidate should also not be above 48 years of age.

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Purpose of this course is to impart modern trends of health services

The purpose of this course is to equate diploma holders to graduates in nursing. This course aims at offering in-service nurses to equip themselves with the latest approaches in nursing practices and the changing health needs. The course develops nurses into competent ones by broadening their knowledge of nursing practices and motivating them to undertake research on emerging nursing trends. Post BSc nurses take the role of a supervisor and manager in clinics of healthcares.

Many specializations are available in post BSc nursing

Nurses can pick any specialization for this course. The specializations are: Cardiac Thoracic Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Emergency and Disaster Nursing, Neuro Nursing, Neonatal Nursing, Nursing Education and Administration, Operation Room Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Practitioner in Midwifery, Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing.

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Long distance education is also an option for post BSc nursing course

Many colleges across the globe offer correspondence course for students who are unable to attend college due to the distance or other commitments. Candidates should be present at the time of admission as the study materials would be handed over. They have to also come and attend the exams.

Online courses for post BSc nursing are available

Candidates who do not have the time to enroll in a college for doing a course in post BSc nursing can rely on online courses. These are designed for busy nurses who wish to update themselves on the latest practices in nursing while they are faced with a time constraint. Many leading universities offer online course to help candidates finding it difficult to come to campus and study.

Career prospects of those who take up this course

With focus on exemplary services provided at healthcare, the demand for skilled nurses is on the rise. A post BSc nursing curse can equip nurses with emerging techniques adopted in nursing sector and will be highly competent. The pay for very skilled nurses is much more than an average nurse.

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Article Highlights

  • Post BSc nursing courses will sharpen the skills of a nurse.
  • This course will also educate her on the emerging practices in nursing.
  • Post BSc nursing course is a 2-year course.
  • This course is accepted all over the world.
  • Those who have a diploma in nursing and midwifery and are registered can apply for this course.
  • Taking this course will make a nurse very competent.
  • There are various specializations in this course.
  • Those who are unable to attend college to do this course can choose long distance education.
  • Online courses for post BSc nursing are offered by various universities.
  • Nurses who study this course are more likely to get a better pay.

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