Are you Just a Nurse or Much More?

Are you Just a Nurse or Much More?
Are you Just a Nurse or Much More?
August 27, 2016

Using the term ‘Just a nurse; to refer to a nurse is demeaning and a blow to the wonderful job they do to help the sick and the injured. But sadly, this is the one question that an average nurse would hear a million times during the course of her practice. This question sometimes comes from within (father, mother, brother, sister) or from the outside (friends and patients).

Nursing – a serious profession indeed

Nurses and the nursing profession should be taken seriously because of their importance in the society. Already, the pay packages of nurses are usually very attractive – sometimes equal to or more than that of the doctors.

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Nurses should be highly tolerant and sympathetic

As a nurse, there are times when you may feel like calling it a quit, times like when you have a terrible fight with a psychiatric patient, times when patients call you names, times when you stick catheter into various openings or times when a patient may try to get an infectious disease on you.

At such times, it is normal for a nurse to wish they had been something else, something like a medical doctor who doesn’t have to do all the messy jobs, something like owning a spa where you will have time and space to share juicy gossip with several other girls or better still owning a restaurant down the road.

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Nurses have to be sacrificing and dedicated

The singular factor that makes nursing to be different from all other profession is that nurses put the life of others before theirs. This means they have to endure emotional and physical pains of mind and body. For example, nurses have to give up their comfort and time to be by the side of patients, hence miss important appointments with friends.

No matter how empathetic you may be towards your patients, there are times when a nurse has to be brutal with the truth. Though what every patient wants to hear is that they are getting better but when the patients are never going to get better (like a case of malignant cancer), it will be in the best interest of the nurse to let them know.

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Nurses often share in the emotions of their patients, some shed tears because of the pain their patients are going through and others find joy in watching the recovery process of their sick patients. The life of a nurse can be frustrating, challenging and exciting but at the end, it is always rewarding.

They might have other identities too

Nurses are often believed to have a boring lifestyle and grounded by their career which makes them just a nurse. However, a nurse can stand herself out of the pack by investing more time into her hobbies.

How will it sound to have a nurse who is also a bestselling author, a nurse who plays soccer, a nurse who is an Olympic gold medal winner or maybe a nurse who is just fun to be around? You would agree that these are rare occurrences and people will like you for the extra effort you put in to build your hobby besides your career.

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Article highlights

  • Some terms used on nurses are demeaning.
  • The questions nurses receive from patients and family sometimes are funny and annoying.
  • Many reasons can tempt a nurse to quit the job.
  • Nurses often wish they were something else.
  • Nurses often sacrifice their life and happiness for others.
  • Patients are always eager to listen to how good they are progressing in recovery.
  • The truth has to be told brutally by nurses to their patients sometimes.
  • Nurses can become emotionally engaged to their wards.
  • The life of a nurse can easily become boring because of time to career.
  • Nurses must learn to effectively combine career and hobby.

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