Best Nursing Institutes in Bangalore, India, Recognized By INC

Best Nursing Institutes in Bangalore, India, Recognized By INC
Best Nursing Institutes in Bangalore, India, Recognized By INC
August 27, 2016

Nursing institutes are special training centers where nurses are trained. The variety of training to be received will depend on the branch of nursing you would like to practice. There is the general care and the midwifery.

The general care is those that administer drugs to patients and help doctors out during surgical processes while the midwives are narrowed to providing care for pregnant women. Some midwives can mature to the point where they will be able to help pregnant women deliver their babies.

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Requirements vary to get into a nursing institute

The requirements to gain admission into a nursing institute are not static. It strongly varies from one institution to another. However, the interested candidates, in most cases, are required to write screening exams. Those that make it pass the required mark are also sometimes required to present some documents that show they have passed through some other forms of education.

There are two types of nursing courses in Bangalore

Bangalore, one of the big cities in India runs two major types of nursing courses; the basic and the post basic nursing courses.These two courses have been recognized by the INC in India. Below is a brief analysis of what the two different courses mean.

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1. Basic B.Sc. in nursing

This is a four years program and is equivalent to an undergraduate degree. To qualify, the student must have obtained a pass in a combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology with English. The minimum pass requirement is about forty percent. Basic B.Sc. program runs for four years.

2. Post Basic B.Sc. in nursing

The post Basic B.Sc. program in nursing is equivalent to a post graduate degree. To enroll for a Post Basic B.Sc. in nursing, one must have successfully concluded the Basic program with a good grade. The Post Basic B.Sc. in nursing usually runs for two years and it is often accomplished through distant learning.

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What nursing means to many people in Bangalore

Nursing,to many families, means a job security and for this reason, many families opt for it as a way of securing their future, considering that in India, jobs can be very volatile and highly competitive because of the burst in population.

Though there is an increasing number of males and females going into nursing, the increasing population in the country is a source of concern because the current population of nurses doesn’t match the current influx of patients. That means that the nurses on ground are currently overworked, requiring that more hands should be allowed to come into the field.

As earlier mentioned however, because of the strict regulation on the training of nurses and nursing institution by INC, expansion and licensing of nursing institutes takes a whole lot of time and efforts should be made to lighten up the process and expand the slots allotted to nursing training in the best interest of the nation. But in doing this, care should be taken not to jeopardize the standard for admittance into nursing institute and the training process because this will spell doom for the nation.

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Article highlights

  • Nurses are trained in special institutes.
  • The number of Nursing institute in Bangalore is few although that is changing.
  • Nurses play key roles in and out of hospitals.
  • Because of financial and job security, some families lobby for nursing slots.
  • The growing population of the world is putting a strain on the number of required nurses.
  • Nursing education and practice is under strict regulation by INC.
  • Basically, two types of Nursing education is recognized by INC.
  • There is the undergraduate training ad post graduate training.
  • The length of time for nursing training varies.
  • There is a need to get more nursing training centers and nurses to match the growing population.

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