Colleges That Serve as Best Option for Nursing Major

Colleges That Serve as Best Option for Nursing Major
Colleges That Serve as Best Option for Nursing Major
August 27, 2016

Nursing is one of the noble professions that deal with the care for human life. Their duty is vital in medical history because without them, the doctors cannot function properly. Nurses also are in charge of keeping proper medical records.

In the hospital for example, they make the necessary tools needed during surgery handy, more like a ball boy in a football. They also walk round the wards routinely and at stipulated times to administer injections and drugs either as tablets or infusions to patients where needed.

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However, nursing profession needs critical training and this sort of training does not easily come by. If you happen to reside in Canada or have interest in any of the Canadian nursing college, there are a whole lot of options to choose from but there are certain qualities that makes a few of them stand out of the pack.

Progress/transformation of the nursing profession

The nursing profession has had a lot of transformation over the years beginning with the likes of Florence Nightingale. Majority of the transformation has been changed in policy and linked to either government intervention or resolutions reached by health associations. Most of the recent advances have focused on ways of improving the services nurses render to patients.

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University of Toronto Faculty of Nursing

One of the foremost colleges of nursing is the Bloomberg faculty of nursing situated in the University of Toronto. The faculty which dates back its existence to 1920 has grown to become one of the leading channels for training of nurses and was also the first to offer a 4 years program in Bachelor of Science in the whole of Canada.

University of Western Ontario Faculty of Health Science

The University of Ontario is one of the great institutions that offer Nursing training to many strata of learning. Undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students can enroll into the college’s health science and gain the required experience through the process.

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Mount Royal College of Medicine and Midwifery

This college appears to be the only university that offers a midwifery program for undergraduates and graduates in the whole of Alberta. The university is located in Calgary in Alberta and one of the top in the country.

University of British Columbia

The inauguration of this institution was done in the year 1919 and the institution offers international standard training on nursing to both undergraduates and postgraduates in Canada. The institution also doubles as the first nursing college to be established in Canada.

Factors to consider in picking a college option

The diverse nursing institutions can prove to be a distraction or make it even more difficult for a prospective nursing student to make up their mind on an option. To make things easier as a prospective student, you will need to be certain of the type of nursing program you want. One could decide to go for midwifery or a nursing degree. There are various advantages that come with either option and it is paramount to carry out an in-depth research in the various options so as to avoid making a wrong decision.

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Article highlights

  • Nurses care for patients in general.
  • Nurses aid the work of a doctor in a hospital.
  • Medical history is one of the ways nurses enhance efficiency of treatment of patients.
  • Canada has a lot nursing colleges.
  • University of Toronto faculty of nursing was the first to offer 4 years bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • Not a nursing college offers program for undergraduates and graduates.
  • There are colleges that offer midwifery and other specialized branch of nursing.
  • University of British Columbia is over a century old.
  • University of British Columbia was the first nursing college to be established in Canada.
  • Know the specialization you need and work towards it.

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