Easy Steps to Creating Quality and Relevant PICOT Question for Nursing Program

Easy Steps to Creating Quality and Relevant PICOT Question for Nursing Program
Easy Steps to Creating Quality and Relevant PICOT Question for Nursing Program
January 1, 2017

To make sure half-baked nurses are not churched out of nursing schools to become tomorrow’s potential health hazards, nursing courses are made to be competitive and the students are bombarded with tasks and challenged with various medical procedures and terms – which they are expected to know eventually.

The significance of PICOT needs to be recognized in your field of expertise

PICOT is a method based on evidence in which you are given the opportunity to create a valid decision based on skills and knowledge of the patient, the prevailing evidence, and the clinician. Creating reliable PICOT questions will aid you to do a thorough research.

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PICOT is an acronym that covers a lot of parameters

The term PICOT is an acronym generated by putting together the five parameters that nurses should look out for in their patients and environment at large as far as health is concerned. The parameters the acronym represents include:

  • Population or Patient problem: characteristics such as age, sex, race, health status and disease are utilized to answer the question, ‘Who is your patient’. A nurse is expected to know these basic details of their patient.
  • Intervention: When you have identified your patient, the next question that should come to mind is ‘what you intend doing for the patient’ – specific therapies, tests and medications to be recommended.
  • Comparison: As a nurse, you have to be versatile, that is, know the various alternatives that can be applied to one particular case. For example, you can compare between no treatment and different types of treatment.
  • Outcome: when the comparison has been made and different medications or alternatives applied, what do you anticipate to happen? For example, the outcome you seek may be to see fewer symptoms, no symptoms or full recovery.
  • Time: this is the last of the PICOT analysis and most often ignored – probably because of the various other factors like nutrition and genetic variations that may alter the duration of a health condition in different individuals. However, it is nice if you have a time frame for all your interventions.

There are four types of PICOT questions

When you create a PICOT question, it is most likely going to fall under one of the four different types that we have namely Therapy or Prevention, Diagnosis, Etiology, Prognosis. The choice of the type of PICOT your questions fall under will be determined by what you hope to achieve.

Companies exist that aid people to put together their PICOT questions

Without any intention of being rude or abusive, there are people who will never learn to put together good and reliable PICOT questions. In this case, they may need to avail themselves to experts online. These online PICOT question providers are teams of experts and the questions they will produce will be of great benefit to your research.

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The right questions will surely have a higher impact on your study

Many people may insist on going for online PICOT questions developers for various reasons but the most pressing are to produce questions that will drive forward the research. If the questions are well structured to capture the key issues in your research, analyzing your result will be many times easier.

If you must use online PICOT developers, make sure they are efficient

There are lots of online companies claiming to provide you with high-quality PICOT questions for your nursing research but you have to look for ways to sieve them down till you get the best. Keep an eye for those whose services are efficient – you can find this out by going through reviews.

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Article highlights

  • Half-baked nurses are future’s potential hazards.
  • PICOT is an acronym that encompasses different medical parameters.
  • Creating a good PICOT question is crucial to your research.
  • Age, sex, race, and health status are used by a nurse to define their patient or population.
  • A nurse has to identify the right intervention for their patient.
  • Nurses are expected to have a clue to alternative medical approaches to a particular case.
  • Time parameter can be ignored in PICOT analysis.
  • Prevention, Diagnosis, Etiology, Prognosis are the four types of PICOT questions.
  • Asking the right questions in PICOT will make analyzing of result easy.
  • The services of online PICOT question developers can be used to develop the right questions.

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