English Medium Medical Courses You Can Study in China

English Medium Medical Courses You Can Study in China
English Medium Medical Courses You Can Study in China
August 27, 2016

Once China is mentioned, myriads of people will only think of Chinese as the major – if not only – language that can be used for teaching. However, that is not true. There are still lots of courses that are offered in China using other languages as a medium of communication and if you are a prospective medical student or have interest in health sciences then what you are about to read will interest you.

Overseas students need to take up Chinese language course

If you intend going to China to study, you may be required to take up a Chinese language course for six months to a year but also, you may also be required to take a test of English – that is, if you are coming from a country that doesn’t have English as their first language.

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A peek into the Chinese school of health

Chinese universities offer well taught courses in the best international standard and surprisingly, some of these courses are taught in English Language. Some of the courses you can receive in China includes Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Nursing (BSN) and Stomatology (BDS), and ofcourse the therapeutic medicine (MBBS).

International students pursue Chinese medical courses

China has become the choice destination of many international students who are seeking for high-quality medical education. The various choice courses have varying years of study. For example, BDS is very competitive and lasts for a minimum of five years which also incorporates a one year to a year and half compulsory internship.

Chinese universities for health study stand out from all

There are various reasons that makes Chinese health institutes stand out from what is obtainable in the West and some of those reasons are so glaring that one needs not to be told about them.

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1. Relatively cheaper cost

Studying in China is relatively cheaper when you compare the tuition with what is obtainable in America and other European countries. This for example has made it a choice destination for students from developing and impoverished nations of the world.

2. Intense practical studies

Medical studies in China are more practical oriented than theoretical. For example, it is on record that Asia has the highest number of organ transplants which means there is a higher chance of you as a student to witness this procedure being carried out when in China than other parts of the world.

Also, there are medical practices that are peculiar to the Chinese – that originated from there. A good example is the acupuncture. This practice which dates back to traditional Chinese culture uses needle piercings on nerves to cure certain ailments. Till date, this practice is almost exclusively practiced in China.

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3. A friendly study environment

Chinese people are very hospitable that you will soon forget that you are in a foreign land. The weather is also a bit friendly and can easily be adapted to by both the Western people and Africans.

Chinese certification is globally accepted

The school certificate awarded by the Chinese upon graduation from any of her health courses is widely accepted worldwide and that means that after studying in China, you are eligible to practice in various regions of the world – another good reason to get a Chinese certificate.

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Article highlights

  • Some courses in China are taught with English.
  • Chinese and English language tests may be carried out.
  • Some key traditional Chinese medicines are taught in English for the benefit of foreigners.
  • Foreign students particularly from third world countries are invading China.
  • When studying BDS, a year and half is dedicated to internship.
  • Acupuncture traces its origin back to ancient China
  • International students will find China a second home for some reasons.
  • Cost often influences the choice of international students to study in China.
  • With Chinese certificate, a number of countries around the globe will let you practice.
  • The study of medicine in China supersedes theory but practical oriented.

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