Expansion in the Institutions Offering Bachelor of Nursing

Expansion in the Institutions Offering Bachelor of Nursing
Expansion in the Institutions Offering Bachelor of Nursing
August 27, 2016

Nursing is one profession that requires student in high quantity because as the population of the world continues to grow, more nursing services would be required to take care of the sick and the vulnerable. The growing violence in the world is also putting a strain on the number of nurses required to cater for the injured.

Sadly, the number of students willing to take up nursing courses continues to decline at a fast rate. Added to this, there is a burdening regulation on nursing institutes that makes expansion of nursing schools almost impossible.

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Regulation in nursing training should be flexible

Though it is good to regulate nursing training and practices to be sure that only the best are churned out into the society – owing to the sensitivity of the services they render – but a balance has to be created to make sure those willing to take up nursing are not denied as a result of proximity or availability of nursing institutes.

The arrival of a sort of palliative

It is on this note that Mt. San Antonio College partnered with Mount Saint Mary’s University to launch a Bachelor of Science program in nursing. The program which already started on the 24 of August 2015 had 30 students in its 2015/2016 pilot session.

Structure of the program

The program will be handled through the Los Angeles based University and teaching would be both off campus (online) an on campus (offline). It is a full time study of three continuous semesters and consists of 35 units.

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However, the program seems to have a strong restriction on membership. According to a professor, Lance Wilcher, only Mt. SAC students who graduated with associate degree in nursing (ASN) will be allowed to take up the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN). As of now, only 19 students are enrolled in the Bachelor’s program.

Positive reaction of the students to the program

As would be expected of any new development, people will definitely have their varying views. However, for this decision of a Bachelor of Science in nursing, the enrolled students have continued to share their appreciation for the program. It has all been a positive reaction on the part of the students.

Justin Villegas, a nursing student enrolled in the program said the program was a good opportunity for students – and it really is, for those in the vicinity. He stated that having the chance to further his studies in nursing while remaining in his local community was highly commendable.

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Another nursing student, Evelyn Chamorro, had a slightly divergent opinion. She allayed her fears on the challenges that lie in the course. She further spoke on the accelerated speed of the classes (which sometimes holds only once a week) and the time consuming nature.

Unprecedented growth of the college

Though the program is only but a baby, the exploits it is already making in the teaching of nursing is unprecedented. Just last year, the program was ranked 13th out of all nursing programs in the western United States community and this was published in a survey by NurseJournal.org. The program covers 240 students who have recorded 91 percent pass in nursing board exam.

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Article highlights

  • The world nursing population needs more hands.
  • Violence and hunger and malnutrition is putting more strain on nursing.
  • Those in need of a nurse care includes sick and injured.
  • Training of nurses faces stiff difficulty from regulation.
  • The teaching of nursing in this area was made possible by the partnership between Mt. San Antonio College and Mount Saint Mary’s University.
  • The partnership kick started the program on 2th August 2015.
  • The program is both online and offline in nature.
  • There is a condition before you can take up BSN.
  • Students have reacted differently to the program.
  • Though the program is relatively new, it gained a ranking of 13th.

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