Getting a Great Foundation in Nursing Begins at Jersey College School of Nursing

Getting a Great Foundation in Nursing Begins at Jersey College School of Nursing
Getting a Great Foundation in Nursing Begins at Jersey College School of Nursing
December 27, 2016

Nursing is a great profession that deals with health management. Healthcare, in general, offers fulfillment to those who choose the path. Some cities have been reported with a shortage of nurses. Hence, those who are able to make nursing their career will find prosperity because they would not have to struggle so hard to get a job.

A good foundation is a pre-requisite for a great nursing career

The importance of a great foundation cannot be overemphasized especially with regards to healthcare courses of which nursing is one of them. When the foundation is poor, the student will find themselves struggling through nursing schools and may become a threat to quality healthcare provision in the future.

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Jersey College School of Nursing is suited for cross-section of students

Different nursing schools run different programs for nurses and their approach to the course will determine the kind of students that will take up the courses. Jersey College School of Nursing is more student-friendly and suited for a cross-section of students. Tools are employed which provides the necessary challenge that will position the student to success.

An amazing nursing career begins with going through nursing school

The first step in becoming a nurse is to enroll in a nursing school. Succeeding through a nursing school will qualify you for a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program. An excellent LPN will qualify you to take the examination to become a registered nurse which is known as Licensed Practical Nurse Registered Nurse (LPN-RN).

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Nursing students will enjoy many benefits from Licensed Practical Nurse program

Jersey College School of Nursing was renovated to provide simulation labs with a nursing station and medical bays. The classes are specially designed multiple flat screen televisions and integrated iPad presentation technology. Mannequins are also used to simulate a wide variety of nursing scenarios. Students also have access to computers and laptops for video conferencing.

Library is a student’s best study aid

Research has shown that students who have access to library always do better than their counterparts who do not have such facilities. The Jersey College School of Nursing has a library that has over two thousand physical resources. It also has a private study area where students can have a quiet time to meditate on their books.

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Jersey College School of Nursing allows students integrate with the community

Learning goes far beyond studying and passing your courses. As the popular saying goes, ‘traveling is the best form of learning’. There are a lot of things you can learn when you integrate with your host community. Students of Jersey College School of Nursing will have many chances to be directly involved in their local communities through celebrations, and outreach initiatives.

Supporting resident community is the social responsibility of nursing schools

Playing the role of a healthcare provider, Jersey College School of Nursing takes delight in providing support to their community through healthcare outreaches and occasional free healthcare services. This out of the classroom field experience will provide the students with a stronger foundation in their health care career – which is why of the reasons why you should pick Jersey College School of Nursing over the rest if you are looking for a nursing program.

Enrolling in the Jersey College School of Nursing is a one-step process

Getting into the Jersey College School of Nursing is not as complicated as certain other nursing schools make it appear. You only need to pass some courses in your high school particularly Biology and Chemistry. You will then be required to take the entry examination which can be paper based or computer based. A high score in any of these will secure you a spot in the Jersey College School of Nursing.

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Article highlights

  • One can find fulfillment when they are involved in healthcare.
  • Nurses tend to have it easy with jobs because they are in short supply.
  • A faulty academic foundation will make you struggle harder as you climb the ladder.
  • Bad foundation can lead to breeding of inefficient nurses which is bad for the society.
  • Nursing students are exposed to challenging tools that help to build their confidence and experience.
  • Enrolling in a nursing school is the first step in becoming a nurse.
  • You can only practice as a nurse when you have been registered.
  • Mannequins are used to simulate a variety of cases in Jersey College School of Nursing.
  • Library remains the most important resource available to students.
  • Students who study at Jersey College School of Nursing contribute meaningfully to their host communities.

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