How to Build a Career As a Nurse

How to Build a Career As a Nurse
How to Build a Career As a Nurse
August 27, 2016

As children, we always have different dreams and aspirations. Some of those dreams are short-lived while others follow us into adulthood. If you have a vision of becoming a nurse – no matter how early or late in life the dream came up – there are a few things you need to know.

Patience, humility, empathy and self-control are the basics of nursing

The first step is to ask yourself, “what do nurses do and why will I want to be a nurse?” Nurses are more than the white gown you see them with. If the white gown is the only draw which attracted you to be a nurse, then you should better consider fashion designing. Nurses are health care providers and play a major role in hospitals where they assist the doctors to function effectively.

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There are some qualities that you need to have as a nurse and they include patience, humility and empathy and self-control. No matter how good you are as a nurse, you will at one point in your career come across patients that are either unruly or abusive and that is the point where self-control comes in. If you have these qualities, then you have a strong case to argue if anyone should disprove your wanting to become a nurse.

The other requirements to nursing institution

If you want to be a nurse, then, from your high school, you must choose the study of sciences over arts because nursing is a science.Of all the subjects, pay close attention to your Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and probably English.

Though the requirement in terms of subjects you must pass to be allowed to train as a nurse may vary, they are most certainly going to focus on the aforementioned subjects – that is not to say that you do not need to take all your subjects seriously anyways.

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This is the study of life. Most of what you would learn here has to do with living and non-living things, their morphology and physiology and characteristics. Biology is usually a voluminous subject to handle.


This subject has to do with chemical reactions in nature and mostly, you would be working with acid and bases.


Physics is the study of objects in motion. You should expect lots of calculations and formulas in this subject and your knowledge of mathematics will come in handy.

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English language

Depending on the language of instruction in your country or the country you are aiming to get,English language may be a requirement or various other language may be required.

Learn from your mentor to be a better nurse

The best way to make yourselves better at anything is to learn by observation or from someone very experienced in the field who can serve as a mentor. On the other hand, you can apply openly to become an intern. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to learn from the inside what makes a nurse a nurse.

Nursing profession has strong job security

Because of the expanding national population, you are bound to have a decent job as soon as you are done with your training. Also, there is a more job security in nursing that many other career choices.

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Article highlights

  • As one grows, their interest seems to change likewise what they wished to be.
  • Career evaluation is necessary before leaping into one.
  • Standing out in any career choice has secret qualities you will need to possess.
  • The requirement for nursing training varies with institution and location.
  • Biology is one of the paramount core courses you need to have.
  • Physics is often required too.
  • The knowledge of chemistry is a big boost.
  • Internship is like on the job learning, more like apprentice.
  • Experience can be gained by volunteering.
  • The benefits of being a nurse outweighs the stress.

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