Information on the Postgraduate Courses Offered at UTS

Information on the Postgraduate Courses Offered at UTS
Information on the Postgraduate Courses Offered at UTS
October 10, 2016

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) was established in the year 1988. It was formerly known as New South Wales Institute of Technology. Located in Sydney, UTS is a vibrant university that meets international standards and which offers its students practical and professional courses. The institution offers over 130 undergraduate and 210 postgraduate courses on various disciplines. They also offer their students an opportunity to study at more than 185 universities in about 40 countries where UTS has student exchange programs. UTS is one of the premier universities in Australia.

UTS is one of the leading institutions that offer high quality nursing courses

UTS is an internationally acclaimed college that offers nursing courses with practical experience. The highly qualified teaching faculty comprises of skilled clinicians and experts. The curriculum incorporates the latest nursing trends giving their students the edge at nursing. UTS has state of the art laboratories and high quality education is imparted there. UTS is the highest ranked NSW for Nursing and Midwifery research in ERA 5.

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Study nursing in UTS to avail world class education

The high level of teaching and a faculty comprising of members of associations like Royal College of Nursing, Australian College of Children’s Nursing and so on, make this college highly desirable to pursue a degree in nursing. The institution’s research in Health Services and Practice is widely recognized. The university has a faculty which is affiliated with more than 100 clinical facilities in NSW and Sydney, and the students can complete their clinical placement here.

Skills and leadership qualities are the reasons to pursue post-graduation in nursing

Students doing postgraduate courses in nursing will be highly skilled and will have leadership qualities through web based learning and on campus education. The postgraduate experience offers a professional ambience where the students can excel. They also work closely with peers and leaders in the industry.

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UTS offers many postgraduate nursing courses

Postgraduate nursing courses allow the students to expand their career. A master’s degree, graduate certificate in nursing or a graduate diploma can help in career specialization, develop managerial skills and eventually enable them to become a nurse practitioner, midwifery and so on. Some of the postgraduate courses in nursing offered by the UTS are:

  • Master of Advanced Nursing
  • Master of Health Services Management
  • Master of Health Services Management and Planning
  • Master of Nursing (Research)
  • Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Service Management
  • Graduate Certification Courses: 12 different specialization graduate certification courses are offered
  • Doctor of Philosophy

A lot of academic support is offered to students at UTS

UTS provides its students immense support at academics. Academic advisers provide advice to students who are on early intervention and on academic caution. Academic liaison officers help students with illness or disabilities and those who have difficulties in studies due to family commitments. Many workshops and information are available to help students focus on their study skills.

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Financial help is offered to students at UTS

UTS assists its students with interest-free student loans when in crisis. Equity based grants and scholarships are offered. Computer hardware and software are offered to students who have a low income. Subsidies for UTS housing rental are also extended. Help with filing tax returns is offered at UTS too.

Career development of UTS students is given a lot of importance

The career development service at UTS provides students with work-ready programs and offers assistance in building careers. The programs offered in UTS will help the students to develop skills that will help in securing a job. It is to be noted here that students performing in these work-ready programs have a great demand in the job markets.

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Article Highlights

  • UTS is a renowned college that offers quality courses in nursing.
  • The high quality nursing education offered in UTS makes it a sought after institution.
  • The state of the art laboratories helps nursing students to understand the latest practices in nursing.
  • The nursing department has highly experienced faculty.
  • The college’s research on Health Services and Practice is notable and receives funds from various government organizations.
  • UTS is top ranked in Nursing and Midwifery research in ERA 5.
  • UTS offers many post graduate programs in nursing.
  • Students at UTS have the opportunity of academic assistance.
  • Financial support is offered to the students who have financial difficulties.
  • Students become successful in finding nursing jobs when they study in UTS.

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