Looking for Project Topics in Nursing? Try these Resources

Looking for Project Topics in Nursing? Try these Resources
Looking for Project Topics in Nursing? Try these Resources
January 20, 2017

It is always embedded as part of the academic curriculum for students to carry out a project during the course of their study for a higher degree and before your completion of your nursing program you will be required to complete a project. The nursing project is a great task that is time consuming and requires hard work.

Different projects have different time frame

What you aim to achieve and the subject of your study will determine the duration of your project. Some projects will take months and sometimes years to complete. A project is often used as a pointer to judge a student’s knowledge and ability as well as how well they are able to apply them in solving real life problems.

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Nursing students are allowed to choose their research topic

Students in some fields do not enjoy the privilege nursing students get when it comes to choosing a project topic. Nursing students are allowed to choose a topic themselves in the field of their study. In many instances, a project will involve effecting a change or two in existing procedures and policies which they believe will truly result in an improvement.

There are great places to look when in need of a nursing capstone project topic

Coming up with a project topic may not be as easy as it sounds. Some students will spend months trying to come up with project topics without success. If you find yourself in this fix, you can review past completed capstone projects for an idea to build on previous works. You can also read medical journals or look for processes you think needs improvement while carrying out your clinical duties.

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Journals remain the greatest resource when looking for a project topic

Journals usually contain works done by different researchers from all around the globe. The great news about journals is that there are many free journals out there which you can have full access to without paying a dime. The spark of an idea on a project topic would usually come if you can sit down and review what has been done in your field by various other researchers.

You do not have to think big to come up with a project topic

The major factor limiting many students from coming up with a project topic is that they always focus their mind on the big issues that need small work while neglecting the small day to day issues that desire a great deal of work. Your project topic must not be something grandeur, it may be a simple modification of already existing procedure.

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There is no limit to the topic of nursing capstone project

Like someone rightly pointed out, ‘in order to solve a problem, you have to create more problem in the process’ – which other people will try to solve too and create more and the chain goes on. To this effect, there is no limit to topics for capstone projects. Any approach that improves the quality of a patient’s care no matter how little the improvement can qualify as a capstone project topic.

The following can qualify as capstone project topics

If you are yet to get a project topic, you can scan through the following topics as a lead and then think along this direction. They include:

  • Checklist for Transition of Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease.
  • Clinical Utility of Cardiac skills.
  • A review of stress and cardiovascular disease in African American women.
  • Stimulant adherence among adolescents with ADHD.
  • Pain assessment tools for terminally ill adult patients.

Online experts can assist you in selecting project topic

Looking at topics can provide the pump that allows ideas to start flowing. However, if you have thought for a long time and deadline is approaching, online medical writing services may be a good alternative. They will also check your work for plagiarism and errors.

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Article highlights

  • Writing a project is mandatory for any student undergoing a nursing training.
  • The topic of study and aim will determine how long a project would last.
  • Nursing students are given the privilege to choose their own topic.
  • A project can be a small modification of an existing process.
  • Students who are always thinking of big projects may find it difficult to come up with a topic.
  • Reading through review papers can help you come up with a project idea.
  • Journals are a compendium of related academic research.
  • There is no limit on the project topics in nursing.
  • Any approach that improves the quality of life can qualify as a research topic.
  • There are online medical writing companies that can help you come up with a project topic if every other approach fails.

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