New Nursing Career Options

There are three kinds of nurses.  Some are RN or registered nurses, others are licensed practice nurses, and last there are advanced practice nurses.  Despite these categories, nurses have the same skills and often the same basic job functions.  Here are some of the new avenues available in nursing.

Nurses have several career paths

With the right combination of education, training, and experience, nurses can join specialized work situations.  These specializations can be about a particular sector of patients or a particular style of work environment.  Nurses can seek out employment situations that fit the other constraints of their life.  These days, nurses may also be able to guide their career to a particular type of patient or treatment focus.

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Agency nurses are well trained

Agency nurses usually care for people at home.  They have a thorough grounding in basic first aid.  In addition, they are trained for emergency situations that would require life-saving techniques such as CPR.  Agency nurses are on call to provide care at a patient’s home for a specified period. Sometimes they are just present for a short time to give the primary caregiver, a family member, a little respite.

Cardiac care nurses are concerned with heart and cardiovascular diseases

These nurses are skilled in matters of the heart and circulatory system. They are trained to watch for problems with cardiac patients.  They are ready to jump into situations to save a life during a heart attack.  Cardiac nurses assist with the treatment of many conditions and work closely with a cardiologist. However, it is not only about heart attacks.  Cardiac nurses are also involved in conditions such as angina, coronary artery disease, and congestive heart failure.

Ambulatory nurses should have basic skills

Ambulatory care nurses work outside of the hospital.  Often they are in clinics and doctors’ offices and provide care to patients with chronic illnesses. Many nurses prefer this career because the hours are regular, and there is less stress than in emergency situations. Ambulatory care nurses have to be well skilled in all basic nursing skills as well as helping with assessing the patient’s situation.

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Forensic nurses investigate into the legal issues

Forensic nurses are a recent development. A forensic nurse works at the intersection of healthcare and legal work. They assist with caring for victims and perpetrators of crime. They can also be involved in the collecting for evidence for law enforcement. In addition, a forensic nurse may be involved in investigations of accidents and death.

Geriatric Nurses must be expert in handling serious patients

Geriatric nurses work in nursing homes and sometimes in a patient’s home. This nurse is specially trained to work with more patients of a more advanced age. The patients also may have long-term, chronic diseases that need specialized care. Geriatric nurses need to work with both physical as well as mental ailments.

Midwife nurses take care both mother and newborn baby

Midwife nurses are important for childbirth. Not only is this nurse skilled in assisting with childbirth, but also experienced in the care of newborns.  They have a wide breadth of pediatric knowledge.  These nurses care for the mother post-birth as well.  Midwife nurses can work in a variety of settings from hospitals and clinics, to birthing centers, to even at-home births. Sometimes the midwife nurse may work alone in situations of uncomplicated pregnancy, and other times in collaboration with a doctor.

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Oncology nurses monitor the cancer patients

Oncology nurses have received training to work specifically with cancer patients. They also may work with people who are at a high risk of developing cancer. An oncology nurse must monitor patient’s symptoms and health. They may also administer cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Military nurses are usually trained for the military hospitals

Military nurses are attached to a branch of the military service.  These nurses often work at military hospitals. They are skilled in treating wounds and infections from wounds. They can help prepare patients for surgery.

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Article Highlights:

  • There are three kinds of nurses but all have the same foundation skills set.
  • Nurses can specialize in certain areas of work and patient care.
  • Agency nurses are good at first aid and important life-saving skills.
  • Cardiac nurses specialize in working with heart problems.
  • Ambulatory nurses work in doctors offices and clinics.
  • Forensic nurses work with law enforcement to assist with investigations.
  • The geriatric nurse works with older patients.
  • Midwife nurses are involved with childbirth.
  • Oncology nurses work with cancer patients.
  • Military nurses work in military hospitals, and their care is directed at soldiers.

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