Nurses- a Great Asset in Bringing Down the Health Care Costs

Nurses- a Great Asset in Bringing Down the Health Care Costs
Nurses- a Great Asset in Bringing Down the Health Care Costs
October 21, 2016

Nurses are the angels who provide bedside care to patients but this care comes with a price that has been affecting the healthcare costs. It is the nursing workforce that has to bear the brunt of the problems faced due to the ever increasing health care costs. The sunny side is – Nurses can play a crucial role in cutting down the health care costs without compromising the quality of care. Nursing staff that has financial knowledge of the healthcare costs can help the management to tackle this issue. This article gives an insight into ways the nursing workforce can help in bringing down the expenses.

Providing quality nursing care can reduce health care costs

This sounds like a contradicting statement but it is not. Proving patients with quality care can prevent them from getting conditions like CAUTIs and DVTs that are acquired from hospital after undergoing orthopedic treatments.

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Nurses should be involved in cost containment discussions

A nursing perspective regarding how to cut down the costs can greatly help the management. A nurse can help in making a business plan and undertake a financial analysis of the costs. The management should be all ears to a nurse’s opinion on cost cutting. The management should emphasize the importance of proper diagnosis of illness so that correct nursing care can be given to patients.

Nurses should have an understanding of the costs

Nurses should be aware of the health care’s financing and the cost of supplies and ways to reduce expenses without affecting the quality of care. Nurses should not waste resources and should only utilize those materials that are truly required. The nursing curriculum should also advocate on a nurse’s role in cost cutting.

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All charges incurred in bedside care should be documented

All patients who receive nursing care should be charged material costs that were incurred in providing care. This should be done from time to time. This way the healthcare can make sure the quality of care is not compromised. The supplies that were used while delivering bedside care should be accounted for.

Unnecessary tests and lengthy stay of a patient affects costs

Many hospitals ask a patient to undergo many tests to determine the cause of illness. This can cost a lot to the health care. A proper diagnosis can eliminate a number of tests.These tests consume a lot of the hospital’s resources. Quality nursing and proper treatment can also reduce the length of a patient’s stay in the hospital. Thus the hospitals resources are also not wasted.

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The price paid for treatment can outweigh the benefits

Sometimes it so happens that a patient’s illness has a poor prognosis. Instead of treating patients with surgical procedures which is only a temporary solution, it is advisable to think of alternative treatment approaches that can offer better palliative care to such patients. Thus a lot of wastage of resources and equipment can be avoided.

Efficient nursing can bring down healthcare costs

It is the nursing staff who can greatly control the healthcare costs. Misuse of sick time, excessive over time and wasting of resources should be carefully monitored. Calling in additional nurses should only be considered when it is really required.

Research can be done to cut down the healthcare costs

Research on the use of latest technologies and equipment and their impact on the treatment and on the healthcare finances should be undertaken on a timely basis. New treatment ideas can help in cutting down costs as they can reduce the length of a patient’s stay in the hospital.

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Article Highlights

  • Nursing care can affect the healthcare costs.
  • Nurses can play a crucial role in cutting down hospital expenses.
  • A nurse should be well informed about the cost of the supplies.
  • Nurses should participate in discussions related to health care expenses.
  • Unnecessary use of supplies should be avoided.
  • Treatment options for patients with a poor outlook on life should be carefully thought.
  • The charges incurred while providing nursing care should be billed to the patient.
  • Additional nurses should be called only if necessary.
  • Efficient nursing approach can help in bringing down the expenses.
  • New treatments options should be used that can reduce a patient’s stay in the hospital.

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