How Your Record can Change the Cost of Getting a Nursing License

How Your Record can Change the Cost of Getting a Nursing License
How Your Record can Change the Cost of Getting a Nursing License
December 27, 2016

It is a thrilling experience to graduate from a nursing school but that is not the goal, rather a ladder that will help you to climb to your goal. In other words, while celebrating your graduation from a nursing school, you have to bear it in mind that it will not make you a nurse. It only qualifies you to take the state nursing licensing exam.

There are lots of hurdles nurses have to scale through to be licensed

Your teenage misdemeanor may just show up and ruin the thrill that curses through you for having completed your nursing school exams. With a high score, you may still not qualify to take the nursing licensing exam – and that is the costly price you have to pay if you have been an unruly teenager.

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A record of your behavioral attributes will be scrutinized

If you have ever driven a car under suspended learner’s permit, had a record of breaking into people’s properties or engaging in fights – and several of those actions that would look like a normal teenage behavior – you do not have to be shocked when you are denied from taking the nursing licensing exam.

Bio-data and legal records will be verified

The basic requirements for the nursing licensing exam include your passport photos, fingerprint, and the application fees. These are needed to verify your identity. Apart from the aforementioned, you will be asked to provide all legal documents including evidence of rehabilitation (if have had any convictions in the past) and letters of recommendation from community members or nursing faculty.

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The process of getting a license will take about three months

This process is not one that can be fast-forwarded because there are a whole lot of requirements which you will need to fulfill. For example, you will need to do a live fingerprint scan which will cost you about $74 or over – a pretty exorbitant amount, right? This is because your fingerprint scan goes straight into The System.

Prepare to pay for court ‘research’ fee

You will be required to provide a certified copy of your court documents to be sure all your outstanding cases have been resolved. It would usually cost about $25 to get a certified copy (which is what the Board of Registered Nursing would request. On getting to the court, you may be requested to pay $15 ‘research fee’ if your case files have been stored offline or they will not pull it off the shelf – and this may take a day or two.

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Letter of recommendation will cost you your pride

If you have been disruptive in your teenage age – especially the very notorious type that has come to be an issue or subject of discourse in the community – it is likely that no one may be willing to write a letter recommending you for anything. You will have to plead and explain how you have turned a new leaf and most importantly, you have to ask your recommenders to write a character centered recommendation.

There are a whole lot of expenditures that will come up

The cost of taking the nursing licensing exam will seem unending till you have finished taking the examination. Things like passport photos, arrest record, application fee and postage fee will need to be paid for – not forgetting the miscellaneous expenditures that will come along the way. The examination is computer based and will shut off after 40 minutes. If you are lucky to pass your examination, your name will be published on the official licensing website and your license delivered to you in a mail.

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Article highlights

  • Graduating from a nursing school is a step to becoming a nurse.
  • You can be denied from taking the nursing licensing exam if you have a bad record.
  • Nursing licensing examiners will scrutinize your result and past record.
  • If you have a faulty record, you will need to obtain a paper from the court showing your case has been settled.
  • The police report will need to be presented.
  • You will be asked to pay before the legal documents are handed to you.
  • Passport, fingerprint, and application fee are the basic requirements for nursing licensing exam.
  • The process of nurse licensing takes about three months.
  • Letter of recommendation may be the hardest to get if you had a notorious past.
  • Nurse licensing examination is a 40 minutes computer based examination.

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