Sim Chart can Provide an Excellent Resource for Nursing Students

Sim Chart can Provide an Excellent Resource for Nursing Students
Sim Chart can Provide an Excellent Resource for Nursing Students
January 1, 2017

Learning is increasingly becoming more online oriented than offline. In recent times, courses that were not initially available for study online are increasingly being studied online because of the aid provided by the rapidly evolving technological space. To this effect, some programs have been developed to help online students and Sim Chart happen to be one of them.

Computer literacy is becoming a necessity for nursing students

If you have the intention of going to study nursing and you are not already computer literate, you may do yourself a lot of good by first of all getting yourself acquainted to with the computer. Nursing informatics would probably depend on largely on the use of computers and you may find it hard to cope if you do not already have the basic knowledge.

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Sim Chart makes simulation and presentation of data easy

Among the various nursing program resources, Sim Chart stands out because a student can be presented with a patient as a case study with specific objectives to be completed. Employing the aid of Sim Chart, the student can simulate what the response would be like using charts and document data.

Sim Chart has some remarkable features that make it stand out

Sim Chart is a fully web-based resource which was built on the template of Elsevier’s world-class content. The resource has a comprehensive instructor support which was designed to suit classroom, laboratory, and clinic simulation and there are lots of pre-built case studies to aid your study practice.

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It is easy to incorporate Sim Chart into your learning curriculum

Incorporating Sim Chart into your curriculum will greatly improve the way your students understand the nursing career. Sim Chart comes with training videos (step by step demonstration on how to use the various components), implementation manuals (walkthrough on a setup that is straightforward) and evaluation and report tools (generate a report, access, and grade student document) that will make its incorporation into your academic sphere seamless.

Student’s critical thinking abilities is boosted using Sim Chart skills lab

Sim Chartis used by students in skills lab to complete a simulation, which will, in the long run, increase their power of critical thinking and make them become more confident when communicating with patients in a critical setting. Skills which students have acquired such as nasogastric tube insertion, IV and irrigation can be demonstrated using Sim Chart.

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The realism of Sim Chart prepares the student for work in a clinical environment

Working with Sim Chart is so real that it feels almost like a norm when the student is introduced into a real life environment. Students in various schools where Sim Chart has been fully implemented periodically upload their information to their client’s care plan, making it a working tool for simulation of the electronic health record similar to what nurses do on a daily basis in the hospital.

Sim Chart has an edge over other nursing resources in its simplicity

What prompted many universities to integrate Sim Chart into their learning curriculum was – it was very easy to use. Its flexibility has been attested by students who use the tool to document their electronic health records and link clinical information.

Sim Chart has a great role to play in the transformation of nursing education

The future of education in its entirety is heading the direction of online. If nursing programs will follow the trend, Sim Chart can be relied on electronic transformation. South Florida Community College has dramatically improved their educational environment with the help of which boosted the grasp of the students.

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Article highlight

  • Online learning is becoming a preference by students to offline learning.
  • Now more courses including nursing are available to be learned online.
  • Online courses are flexible, one of the major reasons it is more preferred by students.
  • The advances in technology have enabled more courses to be learned online.
  • Computer literacy is vital for students who want to enroll in nursing programs.
  • Sim Chart is a very important nursing resource.
  • Specific objectives can be set for students using Sim Chart.
  • Sim Chart is web-based and built on the template of content from Elsevier.
  • Incorporating Sim Chart into learning curriculum is very easy.
  • Sim Chart environment is realistic and crucial in increasing students’ critical thinking ability.

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