Step by Step of What It Takes to Produce a Great Nursing Project

Step by Step of What It Takes to Produce a Great Nursing Project
Step by Step of What It Takes to Produce a Great Nursing Project
January 18, 2017

Completing a nursing project is often made mandatory for nursing students in the period of their course study. The main purpose of nursing projects is usually to improve procedures or problems which have been observed to be problematic. To produce a stunning project, every nursing student has to follow some important step.

Time constraint can affect how you judiciously follow the steps

Depending on the amount of time you have on your hand and the size of the project, a few steps can be bypassed or altered but in general, the basic principles remain the same. Below are the basic steps for an entire medical project report.

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1. Choose a project topic

No matter the field of your research, this step remains the first step. There is no way you can start a research without having a topic. In nursing, students are given the privilege of choosing their project topic although they still need to be approved by their project committee or instructor.

2. A robust literature review

When you have a project topic, the next step is to carry out a background research on the topic to see what has been previously done, the materials and methods they employed and what has been found so far. The advent of the Internet has made this step less dramatic and more flexible.

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3. Write a project proposal

In your proposal, you have to pinpoint the problems you are set to address and give a few background and mention why it is important that the research is conducted – note that small projects may not require you to write a proposal for them.

4. Project implementation

Once your project has been approved, you head to the field and begin to carry out the project based on your design. During the course of your project, you will come up with data which will be analyzed in due time.

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5. Pen down the nursing project paper

This is the last step of any project and provides the result of the project including discussions and recommendations to be made. A good proportion of the information in the proposal will also reflect in the final paper.

Nursing paper will present your finding to a wider audience

During the course of your project, it is normal that only a few people will be aware of what you are doing – probably just your supervisor and close friends – but when you have made your findings, you need not keep it to yourself. You need to write a nursing paper which will be published in journals to aid other nurses in improving the healthcare system. The step to writing a research paper is highlighted below:

  • Abstract: the abstract – also termed the executive summary – is a brief overview of all that you have done in your nursing project.
  • Introduction: this covers the statement of the problem the topic set out to solve, the background and the importance of the research.
  • Materials and Methods: this covers the list of all the instruments employed in the course of the project and the steps taken to get the result.
  • Results: show the achieved objective, findings that deviated from expected and problems encountered.
  • Recommendations: your recommendations have to stem from your result and the implication of your findings is discussed.

Writing company can help you in putting together your nursing paper

If for want of time or any other reason you are not able to write your nursing paper after you have obtained your result, you can seek the service of writing companies to help you put together the result into a paper.

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Article highlights

  • The nursing project is a pre-requisite before a student can graduate from nursing school.
  • There is a laid down step you can use to produce a great nursing project.
  • If met with time constraints, you can skip some of the steps.
  • The first step to any research project is to choose a topic.
  • Nursing students are allowed to bring their own topics which the supervisor will approve.
  • Students with a project topic need to review what has been done in the field on that topic.
  • A proposal is a summary of what you know about the topic and what you intend to do.
  • The only way to present your finding to a larger audience is through writing a nursing paper.
  • A nursing paper has a particular order it should follow.
  • Writing companies can help you come up with a good research paper.

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