Tips to Secure the Best Care from Nursing Staff in the Hospital

Tips to Secure the Best Care from Nursing Staff in the Hospital
Tips to Secure the Best Care from Nursing Staff in the Hospital
December 27, 2016

The duty of patience care is almost always left in the hands of the nurses while the doctors intervene in very critical situations. This makes it crucial to cultivate a good relationship between you and the nurses. This very important relationship can begin with simple greetings – thank you and little gifts like flowers or candy bars.

Two sets of nurses exist in the hospital setting

Starting a relationship or conversation may come naturally and flow effortlessly with one nurse to another. It may seem like forcing a horse to drink from a stream oozing with the stench of algal bloom. This can be as a result of a personal difference or linked with temperament.

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Poor remuneration account for the suboptimal attention some nurses give their patients

There are a few crops of nurses who act the way they do out of ignorance – because they have never happened to be on the other side of the coin. There are others on the other hand who vent their grievance of poor remuneration on the innocent patients. This makes it paramount for nurses to be subjected to patient management courses.

Patients can feel they are being pushy

A nurse once narrated what if felt like for her to start a communication when was in the position of being at the bedside of her ill father – not as a nurse this time but as a caregiver. She confessed that she often felt a pressure to ask the nurses questions for the fear of being pushy. To her, she felt nurses are less under pressure to start a discussion with the families of the sick than it is the other way.

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Steps have been taken to improve nurse- patient interaction

Recently, there is a survey given to patients to fill to access how the nurses treated them; whether they communicated, displayed a high sense of respect and courtesy and listened to their complaints. The result of the survey is usually displayed on a website that is freely accessible to the public and Medicare payments to the hospital are tied to these responses.

Caregivers need to ask nurses important questions

Instead of asking for a candy bar, family members who are taking care of their sick ones should ask their nurse the contributions they can make to the care of their loved ones. Statistics have shown that the reason why many nurse-patient relationships go sour is as a result of a breakdown in communication.

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Hospitals need to key into communication skill training for their professionals

Different organizations – both profit based and non-profit based – have designed communication skills training for health-care professionals. Such workshops have been organized in the past and nurses who attended them said it improved their relationships with families. The creation of online communication skill training for medical professionals is a quantum leap because it will enable them to fit the training program into their busy schedule.

The duty of nurses becomes less when families are involved in active care

Family members should not feel intimidated to ask nurses questions when they suspect an error or risk. Nurses can be overwhelmed by fatigue which definitely would affect their efficiency. A case has been reported where a father suspected the nurse was about to give his daughter a medication for seizure which was above the dose. He raised an alarm and when it was checked, he was right.

Loved ones often go too far in challenging the expertise of the nurses

Inasmuch as it is right for loved ones to raise their concerns, they should not do it in such a way that would make the nurses feel intimidated or challenged – things like asking a nurse to increase the medication of their loved ones is not proper. On the other hand, nurses should be able to accept being embarrassed that inflicting harm on someone.

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Article highlights

  • Loved ones of sick people need to learn the importance of relating with a nurse.
  • The care for patients is almost the exclusive duty of the nurse.
  • Relationship with a nurse can be sparked by simple greetings.
  • The training and temperament of a nurse will affect how they relate to patients.
  • Poor remuneration and working environment are the reason some nurses make themselves unapproachable.
  • Survey is currently used to test a patient’s satisfaction to a nurse’s treatment.
  • Caregivers should not be afraid of asking the nurse important questions.
  • Health institutions should sponsor their nurses to communication skill building workshops.
  • The family member should raise an alarm if they are dissatisfied with a nurse’s treatment.
  • Nurses should be open to correction.

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