Why Education of Nurses should be Taken Seriously

Why Education of Nurses should be Taken Seriously
Why Education of Nurses should be Taken Seriously
August 27, 2016

The current rot in the education of nurses is worrisome considering the delicate nature of the nursing profession. For any profession to strive, it needs good and dedicated educators to carry on the profession and continue training of the younger generation. Though nursing in the United States is of high standard, the current shortage of nurses is worrisome.

Evidence of this shortage is glaring when you look at the number of job adverts placed online which requires the services of nurses in various areas. Sadly, only few people are available take up these jobs. However, some educators think this can be changed in a few years.

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Shocking report! 42% nurses are 55+ year-old

In May 2015, the Oregon Center for Nursing released an infographic which threw further light to the research they have been conducting about the state of nursing education. The nurse workforce in Oregon is placed at 720 and of this number; a whooping forty two percent has ages between 55 and 64.

More nurses are retiring than the new nurses

As of now, the field of nursing is experiencing shortage. Looking at the statistics, it is evident that retirement is already catching up with a good proportion of the nursing workforce. One would be tempted to ask what would then happen when a large proportion of the workforce are retired.

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Obviously, if nothing is done, the current gap of staff requirement would only be made wider. If nothing is urgently done to increase the training of nurses. Not only nurses are threatened by retirements but also the educators.

Other industries facing the problem of staff shortage

Nurses are not the only ones faced with the problem of shortage of staff, reports also show that the trucking industry requires between thirty and forty thousand ne drivers. The industry is currently aiming to hire up to one hundred thousand new drivers within the coming years to fill the vacuum. The industry is currently working hard to get new drivers to fill the vacant positions.

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The government and parents can be of help

Parents always have strong influences on their wards hence parents and government can work together to rekindle the passion of the younger generation to pursue a career in sciences, laws and other sectors where manpower is in dire need.

There is a wrong impression that nursing is for a certain category of underperforming people who cannot do better. Such an attitude and reasoning is also coming in the way of many jobs by limiting the willingness of people to go for them.

Students should have a career coach who would help them from a tender age to grow their passion for certain fields and government can throw incentives – like scholarships – to serve as a bait to help draw individuals to particular fields where they are most needed. The services of nurses will always be needed as long as there are still sick people to be attended to – one of the reasons nursing will never go out of fashion. However, if nursing education doesn’t receive urgent attention in five to ten years’ time, we may pay dearly for it.

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Article highlights

  • The plunge in nursing education is a source of worry.
  • Shortage in the number of nurses is obvious from the number of vacancy adverts.
  • Oregon Center for Nursing released an info-graphic showing the shortage of nurses.
  • 42% of Oregon nurses are approaching the retirement age.
  • Retirement of the old nurses in few years will widen the gap.
  • Those teaching nursing are also in the retirement zone.
  • The truck industry is facing a challenge similar to that of nursing.
  • The trucking industry needs hundred thousand drivers to fill the vacuum.
  • Parents and government can begin to influence their ward’s career choices.
  • Stigma and pay packages is why some people neglect some career choices.

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