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The Real Position of Distance Education in the World Today

In today’s world, students want an educational system that is flexible: one that will give them the opportunity to live and study anywhere and anytime they want. All these benefits they hope to get from the best universities in the world. These demands have placed a burden on colleges and universities and, of course, on the advancement of technology.

eLearning: the Journey So Far

The concept of e-learning is blazing the trail in the twenty-first century but it is sad to find people who still do not have a clue of what it entails. eLearning seems to be the meeting point between education technology and distance learning. The two closely related fields have hitherto searched for a means to enhance education over a century ago.

An Overall Study about Online Paramedical Courses

Learning has moved steeply away from classroom learning to online. The good news about this is – learning is no longer confined to a spot but you can learn on the go. Surprisingly, the literacy of the world population has rarely been affected by the increasing means of learning. The very poor nations are still reeling in poverty.

Master of Radiation Technology: Why it is Important to Learn it Online

Online courses have gained tremendous popularity in the twenty-first century that many employers now prefer employees with an online degree to those with traditional degrees for some reasons. One of the hottest online courses in recent times is a master in radiation technology.

What It Takes to Learn Paramedical Courses Online: Diploma in Operational Theater Technology

Learning has taken a new form in recent years. Since the inception of online learning more than fifty decades ago, there has been a lot of transformation in how learning is done; what can be learned online and what cannot. If you are among those that are skeptical about learning medical courses online, then what you are about to read will definitely change your thought about the online degree.

A Recap of How Distance Learning Programs have Fared in India

It is no longer news that distant learning programs now offer quality education utilizing various means like satellite, the Internet, mails and various other modern technologies. There is currently an expansion in the program which allows individuals to go through online programs either on a part-time basis or full-time basis.

Grabbing Bachelor of Occupational Therapy through Distance Learning

The population explosion on the global stage has made the process of securing of jobs more difficult. The unemployment rate is on the rise and many people have been locked out of the job system – a disturbing statistics which has been attributed, on several occasions, to the rise in the level of crime in the society. On the other hand, there are those who are not employed because they are less able to perform their daily roles – where does the society place them?

Opportunities and Challenges in the Way of Mobile Learning

Over two decades ago, some of the things we see as normal were tagged impossible and in some places, you may be lynched for trying to propagate such unethical ideas. Today, technology has swept through the globe and made them possible. Currently, mobile devices have become a part of our daily lives that some will feel incomplete without them, and in many ways, they have affected our approach to learning.

Online Learning Platforms that Dominate in India

Online learning leverages on the following; video files, images, texts and the Internet to deliver information to students studying around the globe. A learning platform usually has informative blogs, live lectures and discussion boards or forums where students can engage with each other leading to diffusion of knowledge.

Reasons behind Increasing Demand for Distance Education

There is an increasing ease of application for education courtesy of the distance learning platform provided by a number of institutions. Students that go through the online education are exposed to online test solutions, corporate training and are assisted in choosing the degree subjects. The beauty of it all is that students tend to enjoy a comfortable education system.

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