5 Glaring Reasons Why You should Enroll for an Online Degree

5 Glaring Reasons Why You should Enroll for an Online Degree
5 Glaring Reasons Why You should Enroll for an Online Degree
September 13, 2016

The evolution of technology and the Internet has affected different facets of human life and has shaken her very existence to the core. It has changed the way business is done, the way we communicate the way we move from place to place and the sweeping change has found its way into the way learning is organized.

Students have accepted online degree immensely

The amount of students enrolling for online degree has continued to increase steadily from what it used to be over forty years ago when the program was first instituted. Currently, millions of students enroll in online degree every year making it the most attractive alternative to obtaining certificate in different courses or field.

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Online degree is facing a few challenges

May be in the future there would be no limitation anymore to the courses that can be studied online but before we get to that time, we need to know what is happening at the moment. Courses that require huge practical like engineering, lab scientists, microbiology and so on cannot be efficiently carried out online because such students would need to be thoroughly monitored by their professors to make sure they are the ones doing the practical and know if they are doing it correctly. There is no efficient way of ensuring such level of monitoring at the moment.

The standard of online degree is improving

One of the many scares that kept people away from online degree was that the quality of education they offer is substandard. That is not the case anymore because there are regulatory bodies that now monitor online courses and discredit those that are defaulting. Some reputable universities are running online courses which have the same syllable as the traditional courses now.

The benefits of enrolling in online education are numerous

The benefits of enrolling in online courses are numerous and continue to grow as technological advances makes the process more flexible. Some of the glaring benefits are highlighted below.

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1. The process is cost effective

The cost of attending a traditional brick and mortar class is spiraling out of control. The tuition fee continues to rise as the economy continues to depreciate making it impossible for many low income earners to continue with education. Besides the tuition cost, other miscellaneous expenditures like accommodation, transportation and so on are eliminated from the picture.

2. It is flexible

Unlike traditional education where you have to attend lectures at specified time, topics and lecture notes are uploaded to specified sites by the lecturer and the student only needs to download and study the materials at their convenient time. This has made it easy for working class citizens to follow up as they work by day and study by night.

3. More courses in one place

The number of courses a traditional school setting can take up is usually limited to the number of buildings they have. In online degree, there is no need for a building making it possible for universities that offer online courses to offer more course choices.

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4. Opportunity to study in top ranking universities

Some people especially those in remote places may desire education but will not be able to get it because their immediate environment has none. Online education has removed the location barrier to getting quality education.

5. Opportunity for advancing career

For one reason or the other – like those taking care of their aged parents or nursing mothers – one may not be able to further their career but with online education even the strongest of barrier can be bypassed.

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Article highlights

  • Online degree is the fastest growing alternative to learning.
  • Accrediting bodies have brought sanity to the process.
  • Millions of students enroll into online degree annually.
  • Technology has changed how learning is done.
  • Courses with huge practical cannot be effectively studied online.
  • Online education has reduced the cost of studying.
  • The flexibility of online degree makes it easy for anyone to further their career.
  • More courses are offered in online degree now.
  • Those limited by location and finance can study in top schools now.
  • Reputable universities are offering online courses now.

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