7 Major Advantages of Attending Online Courses

7 Major Advantages of Attending Online Courses
7 Major Advantages of Attending Online Courses
October 1, 2016

Online courses are becoming popular and widely accepted among students. Since online courses are not carried out in classrooms; rather, an internet connection is needed to connect to the web based platform where lecturers and students meet, they are facilitating overseas students to distant learning staying at home. Online courses have tremendous advantages over the classroom learning. On the basis of close study on online courses, 7 glaring advantages are highlighted below:

1. Online course are comparative cheap

Cost is by far the strongest reason why online courses are gaining precedence among students when compared to the traditional campus education. Many families are yet to get up from the economic meltdown that shook the stability of the financial institutions of many nations. The cost of campus education is also on the rise making it difficult for parents and self-sponsored students to continue with the traditional form of education. Online courses usually have lower tuition fees and other academic costs in comparison with those in traditional education.

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2. Online courses has lots of options to choose from

The traditional education often puts forward restrictions or limitations on the number of courses one can take up at a time. This is where online courses are better because you will be presented with so many options to choose from. This option is like handing your destiny to any direction you like. Whatever courses or how many of them you want to participate in is totally up to you.

3. Online courses are very flexible

The flexibility of online courses is one of the major reasons why it dominates the working students. In online courses, you will not be mandated to attend any classes at stipulated times. Topics and resource materials will be uploaded to the learning platform and students can download them anytime they are free to do so. This flexibility is a breath of life to those who desire higher education but are currently tied down by one or more responsibilities.

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4. Offers bypass to other expenditures

Students who take up online courses will also be spared from the financial implications of learning that is common with the campus based education such as transportation on a daily basis and the cost of accommodation. This is because online courses can be taken up from anywhere in the world once you have an access to the Internet.

5. Online courses let you choose your teacher

It is natural that you will pay closer attention when someone you are familiar with is talking than when the lesson is delivered by someone you consider a total stranger. This is where the beauty of choosing your teacher lies.

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6. Online courses present an even playing ground

Every class will have a number of very active students as well as very passive ones. The passive ones are not always unintelligent or unskilled. Record has shown that majority of the passive students are introverts who are not comfortable with face-to-face communication. When passive students enroll in online courses, they tend to do better because the stare-pressure is off there.

7. Students get the liberty to learn at his/ her pace

Traditional education system does not always put into consideration the difference in learning capacities of the students. For example, a lecturer will throw a question and expect everyone to answer. There are students who get to understand it only after pondering over the topic for a long time. Online courses, on the other hand, will allow the students to learn at their pace with little or no pressure.

Online courses have their own challenges

Inasmuch as online courses are very attractive, they have their own drawbacks. The most important of them is that students easily lose focus because of the lack of pressure on them to achieve. Some students have also complained that the learning process feels like being trapped in a lonely island.

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Article highlights

  • Online courses are gaining increased popularity among students for a number of reasons.
  • Online courses have a number of advantages over traditional education.
  • Online courses are not limited by location.
  • There are no restrictions to the number of courses a student can take online.
  • Working students find it easy to cope with online courses because of its flexibility.
  • Online courses allow students to learn at their pace.
  • Lecturers can be chosen in online courses at the student’s liberty.
  • Students taking courses online will not have to worry about accommodation.
  • Lower cost is the major factor that attracts students to online courses.
  • There is a higher tendency for students to lose interest in online courses.

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