A Close Comparison between Online and Offline Education

A Close Comparison between Online and Offline Education
A Close Comparison between Online and Offline Education
September 22, 2016

Education is the bedrock of any nation. The literacy level of any nation stipulates how far the nation can go. The metamorphosis of education over the years has been a wonder to many who have lived long enough to witness it. From word of mouth learning, education is carried out online with little or no supervision from the teacher now.

Both online and offline education have their strong points and their flaws

Inasmuch as the craving is currently on online education, there are still remarkable qualities in offline education that can still motivate anyone to study offline. However, the major advantage of online education still remains that of flexibility and to some extent the student’s ability to cut costs in some spheres.

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Universities are beginning to offer online and offline education to attract more student

Due to the rising cost of traditional education, schools have begun losing their students to those schools that offer online education. In a bid to recover some of their students, many universities are beginning to offer online courses now. This is an advantage to distant learners because they can seek quality education from verified and trusted universities now. There is also a verification body that is putting credibility to online education.

Coursera is aimed at professionals seeking improvement in their skills

For professionals seeking to improve their skills through special courses, their search has been put to an end with coursera. Coursera aims primarily at those who want to improve their skills and further their knowledge in their chosen field. One reason why it is paramount to keep improving your skills is that it makes you more attractive to employers.

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Online courses have broken the distance barrier

One of the challenges that makes people drop their admission letter into a can of trash is distance. Sometimes, the distance you will need to travel may be too enormous and you will have to endure the stress and it will surely affect your attentiveness in the class. Online education has taken care of that. From your comfort, you can study in any part of the world you want.

Take courses only when you are in the right frame of mind to do so

Offline learning mandates students to be in school every day. There are times when you can be depressed or angry. Attending classes at such times may be a complete waste of time because your concentration will be somewhere else. In online learning on the other hand, you have the liberty to take courses only when you are mentally fit for it. There is also the added advantage of learning in the environment you are most comfortable with.

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There is still the apprehension of finding a job after taking an online course

Employers still scrutinize certificates to understand the class of degree they employ and most importantly from which university the student has graduated from. This leads to anxiety among online students – if there is hope for them in the labor market. The students of online education are also not included in scholarships and grants. This is one area that needs to be seriously deliberated.

Online educations does not give room for close interaction among students

Offline education serves the dual purpose of learning and networking. Analysis has shown that the best friends people make in life are usually from schools. This has not been adequately ensured by online education. Though there is interaction in online education among students and professors, the quality of such interactions cannot be compared to that of offline education.

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Article highlights

  • The more educated people there are in a nation, the greater their chances of development.
  • Online and offline education have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Online education brought flexibility into the system.
  • Offline education has the advantage of effective interaction.
  • Lower cost of online education is attracting more students there.
  • Improving your skills makes you attractive to employers.
  • Reputable universities are beginning to offer online education.
  • The distance barrier to learning has been broken by online education.
  • The apprehension among online students is usually about their chances in the labor market.
  • Online students are often not considered in scholarships.

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