All about Online Degrees: Facts and Rumors

All about Online Degrees: Facts and Rumors
All about Online Degrees: Facts and Rumors
September 11, 2016

There are conflicting stories on the Internet today about online degrees. The ease of access to the internet and creation of blogs have made it so. There are false testimonies about online degrees that if a prospective student stumbles on them may reconsider taking one. In the next few paragraphs, the truth and the falsity of online degrees will be unveiled.

Online degrees are cheaper

Not only is their tuition cheaper, a student taking online degree cuts cost in many ways such as accommodation, mobility or travels, bills and taxes and so on. Not everyone can afford to board a plane to a strange land to acquire a degree. They can do it in online education if they have a computer and an internet enabled device.

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Accredited online courses adhere to strict rules

Critics claim that online courses are not accredited. This is totally not true – maybe some time in the past it used to be so but not anymore. There are accreditation bodies that strictly monitor the activities of online degree to ensure they adhere to the laid down principle. A breach of the code of conduct may lead to withdrawal of accreditation.

Online degrees are not of lesser quality

It may be true that when online degree was unchecked the faculties awarding these degrees may not really bother about the quality of the courses they offer online. With the presence of regulatory bodies however, they are under compulsion to up their standards or quit. Presently, there is no difference between the quality of educator offered by the brick and mortar schools and online schools. Also, accredited schools are creating online courses as a way of expanding their reach now.

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Online degree can get you a job

Another myth is that online degree cannot get you a job because employers discriminate between the two classes of degrees. The word has changed tremendously. Every establishment is aiming to go digital and that means more computers would be required. Many employers need employees that are technology savvy and an online degree is a testament to that. However, there are still some employers that will still stick to degrees obtained through traditional education.

Online degrees are not easier to get than traditional degrees

Some students have this obnoxious mentality when enrolling in an online school and it costs them in the end because they fail to give it their best shot, thinking that just a little effort will get them there. Online degrees are no less difficult than the traditional degrees because it requires a lot of discipline juggling between daily activities and studying particularly for working people.

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Online degree gives room for interaction

The thought that online degree is an isolated form of learning because the student would have to download the lectures and study on their own to make sense of it is false. Reputable schools offering online education always make room for students to interact with their professors if they are having challenges either by mail or by phone call. There is often a portal where students can interact with one another.

You may have dedicated live lecture times

It is true that online degrees are flexible because you can study from home or anywhere you like. However, there are times you may be required to log in at specific times for live video lectures. All the programs will give you deadline for submission of assignments and projects and exam schedule have to be strictly obeyed.

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Article highlights

  • Online degrees require as much commitment as traditional education.
  • Online degrees are flexible.
  • You cannot do whatever you like because some deadlines have to be obeyed.
  • Students can interact with themselves and their professors by phone or emails.
  • In many ways, online degrees are comparatively cheaper.
  • Accreditation has brought sanity to the system.
  • Fraudulent degrees can now be easily identified.
  • Any online school that defaults risk losing their accreditation.
  • Online degree is a proof that the candidate is technology savvy.
  • The internet is filled with false testimonies about online degrees.

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