Are You Ready for Online Business Analytics Certification Course?

Are You Ready for Online Business Analytics Certification Course?
Are You Ready for Online Business Analytics Certification Course?
August 29, 2016

A business analytic having software skills is much in demand, but scarce in availability. So, for all professionals irrespective of any domain, having a work experience of 4 years or more, Business Analytics is indispensable if they want a managerial role. Also, by taking online certification course, professionals can stay abreast of business solutions and technology simultaneously with their regular job.

Business analytics is exploring past business data

Business Analytics refers to practices and skills that incorporates iterative exploration of past business data. It focuses on understanding the organization’s business based on data and statistics. It uses statistical methods and formation of predictive models for arriving at optimized solutions and also predicts future trends. It uses data mining, predictive modeling and quantitative analysis.

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Prerequisites – basic computer skill and sufficient work experience

Business Analytics certification courses are designed for professionals and graduate students having a quantitative background such as science, technology, economics, engineering and mathematics. Students are expected to have basic computer skills in spreadsheet, Database software and basic programming languages such as C and Java. Having sufficient work experience is mandatory and references from career managers are required in pursuing this online certificate course.

During review of each applicant, they will be notified if they need to be taught additional courses as a prerequisite. Mostly, statistical analysis and database management system is taught to non-IT/Software professionals. “R” is a programming language for understanding statistical growth, which is taught in the course duration.

Course Syllabus

Different functional areas of business analytics include marketing, operations, finance, international business and human resources. Students are taught advanced analytics, advanced business forecasting, special analytical methods, application of analytics in business verticals, modeling methods etc. through short and effective online videos. Some Degree certificate programs focuses on experiential learning where students solve actual business problem and gain experience in this role. It is more focused on specific requirements of particular organizations.

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The course begins with introduction to business analytics and different statistical methods. Focus of the curriculum is on understanding big data: what happened (descriptive), why it happened( diagnostic), what will happen( forecasting) and what should happen( optimized solution). There is customer management course focusing on the browsing and buying patterns of customers in e-commerce ventures.

Operations management focuses on providing effective and informative business solutions through advanced data-collecting technologies. Organizations flourish when employees are satiated hence, students are also taught about managing people at work.

Course structure

Most of these online courses are specialized for beginners having no prior analytics experience. The whole course is divided into sub-courses which have to be completed followed by solving a real industry related problem using the skills learned. Upon successful completion of these in the first attempt, students become certified BA professional.

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Each of these courses are divided into several modules which are further divided into topics. The effective and short bite sized videos offers easy understanding of business problems and its potential viable solution. There are online quizzes after each topic and an exam after completion of each course.

Scope and role of a business analytic

Scope of students lies in the chosen area of specialization. Role of a business analyst is to aggregate raw data and find how an organization can use those data to operate more efficiently and effectively. Phenomenal success stories of social media and online commercial ventures have introduces the term “big data”. There are ample opportunities for those who can analyze that data.

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Article highlights

  • Business Analytics refers to practices and skills that incorporates past data of an organization for predicting the future trend.
  • Business Analytics uses data mining, predictive modeling and quantitative analysis for arriving at optimized solutions.
  • The course is designed for students having a quantitative background in STEM and Economics.
  • Different disciplines include marketing, operations, human resources, finance, etc.
  • Students are taught advanced analytics, basic analytics, applications of analytics in business etc. and is more focused on requirements of specific companies.
  • Course is focused on understanding big data: descriptive, diagnostic, forecasting and optimized solutions.
  • Course begins with introduction to statistical methods followed by people management, customer management and operations management.
  • Whole course is divided into sub-courses, which has to be completed followed by an industry-related project using the skills learned for getting certificate.
  • Short bite sized online videos offers easy understanding of business problems.
  • There are ample opportunities for those who can harness big data.

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