Cause of Increase in Online Degree Credibility and Popularity

Cause of Increase in Online Degree Credibility and Popularity
Cause of Increase in Online Degree Credibility and Popularity
September 4, 2016

If the research publications on online degrees are anything to go by, there is a strong indication that online degrees are becoming more popular among students, judging by the increasing number of students who are willing to take up online courses. There are many basic causes behind this popularity and credibility of online degrees. A number of them have taken into consideration for better understanding about the increasing demand of online courses.

Education is a great tool to fight unemployment

During the economic recession that gripped most nations in the recent past, there were lots of downsizing by companies. Many people were retrenched from their work and the few that remained had their salaries slashed. In all these, those with bachelor’s degree stood at half the total unemployment rate. This is a clear indication that the best tool to fight joblessness is education.

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A number of reasons hinder people from getting a college degree

Some people are not so ignorant of the power of education but because of a number of reasons, they may not find it easy obtaining higher degrees. The major setback most people encounter is that of finance. The traditional schools are becoming increasingly expensive. Merged with the recession that has encouraged inflation, it has become almost impossible to squeeze out extra cash to chase education for many.

Online degrees are gaining popularity across boarders

Online degrees used to be very popular among the working class but today, they are not the only ones that patronize the service anymore. Sit at home mothers, single parents, and full time students now consider it as the sole option for getting a higher degree. An organization, Sloan Consortium, which is charged with improving online and distant education in the country, reported in her 2005 publication that 3.2 million students took a minimum of one course during the course of that year.

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Schools are trying to keep up with the pace

In an attempt to keep up with the growing educational needs, many schools that previously frowned at online or distant education are now shifting ground to offer online courses. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that in the 2006/07 academic year, there was a sixty six percent increase in the number of post-secondary institutions offering online education.

Online courses are self-paced

The most important reason why more students are choosing online education over the traditional form is because of the flexibility. Most online courses are structured such that the student dictates the pace he or she wants to go, that is; make the education process slide effortlessly into their schedule. This is a relief for those who have families to cater for or those whose job naturally would not afford them such time.

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Online education now covers more than one type of qualification

Every type of certification you can think of can now be obtained with ease online ranging from diplomas to certificates and higher degrees. Higher degrees that are currently available online include Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD. Some institutions even offer financial aid to their students.

The worth of online education in the job market is still a nagging question

The problem faced by doesn’t end with getting an online degree but goes beyond that. A lot of people are still skeptical about the worth of the papers obtained through this process. It may interest you to know that in another report by Sloan Consortium, 70 percent of academic leaders that participated in a survey voted online or distant education as equivalent or superior to the traditional education in the same field.

Not every online degree is embraced by employers

Some courses are believed to be better taught online than the traditional way by some employers. The degrees that have gained acceptability are healthcare, technology and business.

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Article highlights

  • Some courses are better studied online.
  • In a survey, seventy percent of academic leaders think online education is superior to traditional education.
  • It is obvious education is the key to getting out of joblessness.
  • Increasing tuition has made it difficult for people to obtain higher degrees.
  • Online education is gaining popularity according to Sloan Consortium.
  • Online students are still skeptical about the value of their degree in the job market.
  • More schools are now offering online courses.
  • Students can choose the rhythm in online courses.
  • Online courses allow people to study while still working.
  • Economic recession has highlighted the importance of education.

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