Choosing between a Regionally or Nationally Accredited School for Online Degree

Choosing between a Regionally or Nationally Accredited School for Online Degree
Choosing between a Regionally or Nationally Accredited School for Online Degree
July 11, 2016

Online degree is becoming an interesting means of upgrading one’s educational status at convenience. Schools that run online courses will not require the participants to be physically present in the school. All that is needed for the person is to enroll and pay the necessary fees and it ensures his/ her participation in the program. Now, the question arises whether a regional school or a nationally accredited one serves the purpose best.

The greatest challenge the students face is choosing a suitable online school

There are the regionally accredited schools and the internationally accredited schools and making a choice on which to enroll in may keep a potential student up at night. The course structure of the two schools is a little bit different and students would need to know their differences to be really sure of their pick.

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Lectures in all modern schools are taken at the convenience of the student

The lecture notes are usually prepared in PowerPoint or videos and uploaded online. The student would need to download them and study. There may be a stipulated time the lecture notes will be allowed before they are taken down or new ones are added.There are times when the lecturer may organize a video call to speak to the students directly.

Examinations and tests are also conducted online

The tests and examination are conducted virtually too. The student is thrown some questions and given stipulated time to answer them. If the time runs out before the student should finish, the student would be graded based on answered questions. Like a physical school, you would need to pass all your courses to graduate and offered a certificate.

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Regional accreditation is based on the six regional agencies

Good examples of schools that have regional accreditation and run online programs are Mountain State University and Boston University online programs. The accreditation of these schools is based on their geographical locations. The benefit of such accreditation license is that it gives the school some form of credibility. Regionally accredited schools are usually broad based in their courses. National certification is not based on geographical status.

Acquisition of a national or international accreditation by any school is not based on their geographical location. To gain such advanced certification, the school will need to meet set down standards and abide by laid down rules. Internationally accredited schools offer more specific and specialized courses for example, computer technology, teachers’ training and so on.

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Credit transfer across different schools may not be allowed

One of the things students seeking to enroll with regional accredited schools should note is that they do not readily allow credit transfer from internationally accredited schools. What that means is that thinking of a switch, midway into schooling may not be possible.

Not all online schools are accredited

As the online world continue to experience influx of ideas, more and more schools are springing up every now and then advertising for vacancy. It may be a gruesome waste of resources to pitch your tent with any of them without first seeking to verify their accreditation status. In other words, what is the use of paying huge sums of money to bag a degree that will not be accepted anywhere?

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Article highlights

  • Many of the online degree programs available are not accredited.
  • Accreditation confers some level of credibility on the program.
  • Online courses can be found by making a generic search on any search engine.
  • All you need to become part of an online program is to enroll and pay the necessary fees.
  • It is a waste of money to obtain an online degree if it would not be accepted anywhere.
  • Regionally accredited schools run broad programs.
  • Internationally accredited schools limit their programs to specific and often specialized topics.
  • Credit transfer is not allowed from internationally accredited schools to regionally accredited schools.
  • It is wise to check the accreditation status of any school before enrolment.
  • Regional certification depends on and varies with geographical location.

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