Connecting with Different e-Learning Communities

Connecting with Different e-Learning Communities
Connecting with Different e-Learning Communities
October 31, 2016

Working online is often filled with uncertainty because of the ease with which one person can turn to another. Irrespective of the chaotic nature of online deals, a lot of people have been expressing their building confidence and satisfaction when it comes to distant learning. The thought in many people usually elicits joy and appreciation rather than apprehension. With the rapid progress of e-Learning communities, the concept and assessment of online education have also got radical change.

e-Learning communities have developed into a useful resource material

In the past, e-learning felt like being left on a desolate island which no one wanted to explore. But the growth of the learning platform has led to the development of e-Learning communities that are now complex tools and resources proven to be relevant in both networking of professionals and structural designs.

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The growth of technology has provided users with more options

The growth of technology has revolutionized the way everything that depends on it is done. The challenge in the past for online education users is finding the right tools and shape that will fit perfectly into the context of their needs. That has changed too. In recent times, there are a lot of tools available online which users can choose from.

Online learning platforms are becoming like social media

FaceBook and Twitter are by far the most used social media in the world today. The level of interaction carried out on online learning platform is growing to the comparison of social networks. The platform has also helped its users in learning how to maximize their social network accounts. As a student of online education one can reveal how to use the Tweet Deck which brings a whole new level of experience to the use of twitter.

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Virtually anything can be learned online

Unlike the formal education where the student has to focus on learning only the topic for which they have enrolled into, online education creates an all round student who has a little knowledge of everything because this information keeps floating over their faces. The fun of it is that they are just a click away. Learning the big topics matters but it is the little things you learn on a daily basis that makes all the difference in your life.

The real challenge in online learning is coordinating and prioritizing assignments

When you enroll in an online learning or an online workshop, you will probably be split into smaller groups. Assignments will be given in groups and you will be expected to work with your team to come up with the answer. Your group members will likely be very busy people like yourself and getting them to make the assignment a priority may be a serious challenge.

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Every team member is required to have equal contribution

Working as a team can be both scary and difficult. You are bound to meet people who would want to distance themselves from whatever is done in the team while there will be others that will be willing to outwork themselves just to make sure that the team become a success. The expectation on every team member should not be raised higher or lowered. The weaker individuals in a team should be encouraged to put more effort.

Discussions and tasks should be made more engaging

Online learners have always confessed that they find more fulfillments to their study when it is engaging. Synchronized classes have routine assignments and meeting times which often seem disjointed. To a user, it makes them think on their feet. This can be a way of making the course a little bit more challenging but students can be assigned these tasks before their meeting.

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Article highlights

  • Online community is a chaotic place to work.
  • e-Learning platform is developing in tandem with online education.
  • Every sector that depends on technology is forced to grow with it.
  • Interactions on eLearning platforms can be compared to that of social media.
  • Networking provides motivation to e-students.
  • There is no restriction to what can be learned online.
  • Trivial knowledge is as important as investing in the big topics.
  • Online students often work in small groups.
  • Getting group members to prioritize assignments can be very difficult.
  • Team members should be allowed to have equal contribution.

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