Distant Learning has the Potential to Skyrocket your Career Prospects

Distant Learning has the Potential to Skyrocket your Career Prospects
Distant Learning has the Potential to Skyrocket your Career Prospects
October 21, 2016

It was Henry Ford who said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”. This and many other notable statements by people who have made success in life help to reecho the importance of education. Many people know this and that is why they are taking to distant learning which is the most easily accessible education system in this modern world.

3 main reasons why people take to distant learning than go for campus education

The traditional campus education does not favor every category of people. Those that are already working often desire a higher degree to move up their career ladder. Due to time constraint, they may not be able to take up the traditional campus classes. Other reasons that make people opt for distant learning are as follows;

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1. Reduced cost

The lower tuition fee and the cheaper rate at which resource materials (like eBooks) are available are one of the major attractions of distant learning – which as of now is synonymous with online learning because of the medium of propagation of knowledge. Students will not have to worry about cost relating to travels and accommodation.

2. Flexibility

Another important factor that makes distant learning attractive is its flexibility. Students are allowed to download the lesson notes and learn at their own time. Those who already have jobs will easily opt for these options because it will allow them to retain their jobs.

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The options to choose from are numerous

Many institutions are offering options for distant learning now. An MA is a graduate program that would take two to three years. It will allow you to specialize in different areas such as computational linguistics, Veda, Sanskrit linguistics, Indian aesthetics and poetics and so on. The courses are available either on a full-time or part-time basis.

Accredited online degree will be accepted by future employers

When choosing an institution to enroll for your distant learning, it is very important to look for their accreditation details. The major challenge online students have is that of acceptance of their certificate by future employers. It is worthy to note that employers will accept your degree if it is from a university that is duly certified.

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Institutions will provide you support

Support from the institution will come in the form of experienced personal assistance which will be assigned to you. They will also provide you with the required study materials which will enable you to work with a timeframe to complete your course. The learning environment is interactive – often utilizing videos and quizzes and tasks to make it attractive.

Career prospects of those who have completed MA in Sanskrit

The horizon is broad for those who have the courage to venture into and complete an MA in Sanskrit. They could become researchers in prescribed fields or work as teachers in schools or colleges. Banks also have positions reserved for such students. MA students can also fit into the mass media where so many opportunities abound.

Certain steps should be taken in applying for a distant learning MA

You have to first check their eligibility criteria to see if you qualify to apply for the program. You will then obtain the prospectus which should contain more detailed information concerning the fees and modules. Admission form differs from one school to another. You will need to obtain the one peculiar to the institution you are applying to. Fill the form accordingly and submit and get ready for the admission test.

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Article highlights

  • The importance of education has been echoed by various people.
  • Traditional education was not designed with everybody in mind.
  • Higher degree is often a necessity to move higher in a career.
  • Reduced cost is one of the qualities that attract students to distant learning.
  • Distant learning is used to mean almost exclusively online education.
  • Online education allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • More institutions are offering distant learning options now.
  • Now employers are accepting online certificates.
  • Personal assistants will help you tackle any institutional problems.
  • Masters students can be researchers or students.

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