Effect of Remote Proctoring in the Legitimacy of Online Degrees

Effect of Remote Proctoring in the Legitimacy of Online Degrees
Effect of Remote Proctoring in the Legitimacy of Online Degrees
July 14, 2016

The challenges faced by online degree are enormous. They include the issue of the legitimacy of the online degrees. Fraudsters regularly hijack online degrees to dish out fake certificates to unsuspecting victims. There is also the worry about the quality of online education, if it is at par with the traditional classroom learning.

Some students use fake identity to exploit the online degrees

On the part of the legitimate schools offering online programs, they also face the identity and honesty crisis. It is not always easy to identify the identity of the students and find out if the students are the ones taking the exams. It is difficult because some use software and robots to write their examinations. Then how can these practices be put in check?

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Not all faculties accept online education

Only a small number of faculties in the United States accept the legitimacy of online education (only about thirty two percent of them). According to a survey on distance-online learning in the United States, over eighty percent of faculties with no online education experience still believe that online education is inferior and hence do not accept them.

Online education has put cheating on the rise

If students have the feeling that they are not monitored, their tendency to cheat in an examination will increase. This is one of the stiff challenges faced by online education as there is no means available yet to keep the student in check.

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Remote proctoring technology protects the integrity of examination

The remote proctoring technology has been recommended by the Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA) to schools offering online education as a way of securing the integrity of their examination. The software has been tried and proven effective.

Michigan State University started using remote proctoring technology on a pilot scale

The breach on the integrity of their online exam was a source of worry to Michigan State University. They deployed the software of a pilot scale to her zoology program to see how it will work. After the initial testing, the software has been introduced to a vast number of courses. With the cheating problem solved, MSU was able to expand her enrollment.

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Students testified to the efficacy of the software

In an inquiry, a number of students said the system prevented or made cheating impossible. The success of this software has also led to the reduction in cost that would have been spent using in-person proctoring examination method.

The program upholds the integrity of the examination using multiple hurdles

The working principle of the software is easy. First, it registers the student’s computer to enable them to take the examination. Then, it listens to the examination environment for movements and conversations. Remote proctoring PRO is a hardware that makes use of a biometric process to identify the identity of the exam taker. It also records a 360 degrees view of the environment and records every sound. The patented software, Secureexam, locks down the computer to prevent every other non-exam material while providing access to the exam for the exam taker.

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Article highlights

  • Monitoring online exams has become a huge problem.
  • A large percentage of faculties that don’t offer online courses believes the program is inferior.
  • Online education faces a lot of legitimacy challenges.
  • Software has been developed to help protect the integrity of online exam.
  • The hardware will make a recording of the video and audio in the environment.
  • The hardware makes use of a biometric system to identify the exam taken.
  • Students have confessed that the software has made cheating difficult.
  • Florida distance learning association has recommended the use of exam protections software.
  • How to identify the identity of the exam taker and be sure they are not cheating used to be a problem.
  • Michigan State University used Remote Proctoring technology in their zoology program.

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