Evaluating the Acceptance of Online Degrees

Evaluating the Acceptance of Online Degrees
Evaluating the Acceptance of Online Degrees
July 13, 2016

Since the Internet use is growing, a number of students are running to take online degrees instead of the traditional classroom teaching. The major reason for this is that online degree provides a kind of convenience that classroom teaching cannot offer. However, online degree still faces a brick wall in some institutions and industries. Proper consideration and evaluation are needed prior to getting admitted to an online degree program.

Online courses allow you to study while chasing your passion or duties

The moment some people give birth to children, it is the end of education for them, and as the number of children multiplies, the dream of acquiring a higher education also vanishes. At other times, one may be grounded as a result of taking care of the elderly persons at home. Online education breaks all those barriers.

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There is a corresponding rise in the number of universities offering online courses

As the number of students taking up online courses continues to skyrocket, a number of accredited universities that previously offered only traditional courses are now expanding their education structure to offer online education. As of now, some courses are offered fully online.

Job discrimination is the major setback of online degree holders

In the recent past, online degree holders faced stiff discrimination in the job market. When they present their degrees, not all employers would want to acknowledge them. This puts a waste to all the effort, time and money they have put into the program.

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Employers are compelled to accept online degrees

More and more applicants are presenting online degrees when a job vacancy is opened. Many employers are tongue tied to reject the candidate. What they do now is to subject everyone to the same screening and pick out the best brains rather than segregating based on their certificate. There are some establishments that would offer reimbursement to those with online degree, a move that further popularizes online degree.

Certain online degrees have found favor in the eyes of employers

The nature of online degree allows for specialization in certain fields including marketing, business, media, accounting and other knowledge based fields. Research has shown that employers would prefer to employ an online degree holder in such fields than those that went through the traditional process. Obviously, this is because online scholars go into greater depth than the classroom students.

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It takes greater effort and determination to get an online degree

There is a notion by employers that it takes great discipline to succeed in getting an online degree than the classroom form.  Hence, they would be able to multitask better than their counterparts. This notion stems from the belief that majority of online students are working class.

Most employers would focus on the source of the online degree

The major problem with online degree is getting to know if the source is accredited because of the huge number of fraudulent schools offering degrees. A good number of employers will let the source of the online degree bother them more than whether it is an online degree or a traditional degree.

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Article highlights

  • The growth of the internet has affected the number of online students.
  • Employers often believe that those that acquire online degrees are better at multitasking.
  • The singular problem putting online degrees in doubt is the action of fraudsters.
  • Accredited schools are now expanding to offer online classes.
  • It takes higher determination to succeed in acquiring an online degree.
  • The high number of applicants presenting online degree is swaying the decision of employers.
  • Online courses are made flexible so that you can combine them with other task.
  • Giving birth to children brings to an end the educational ambition of some women.
  • In the past, employers strongly discriminated against online degree holders.
  • Employers would prefer applicants with online degrees in some positions.

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