Global Trends with Online Students

Global Trends with Online Students
Global Trends with Online Students
September 26, 2016

The statistics hitherto among students when it comes to the use of the Internet have divided them into two groups; those that removed a university from their choice because of a bad Internet experience they had with them and those who use the Internet to search for universities. Majority of students – both online and offline – fall into the latter category.

The Internet has become a part of our daily lives

Students are heavy users of the Internet. They mostly use the Internet for research on their choice universities and the type of online platform that they find most valuable. Without the internet, some of this information would have been hard to access.

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Top universities carried out a research on the Internet use by students

Students utilize the Internet for different reasons and many people have been curious towards finding how the use of the Internet has affected the lives of students and what information they utilize it most for. Top universities carried out a research and their findings on the topic was interesting as follows;

1. Offline resources continues to be relevant

Online resources, according to the findings of top universities, are indispensable to the lives of students. However, some students still value offline resources as equally as they do for the online. Men also had a higher priority for online resources than women. They also showed that African respondents had a higher preference for online resources which can be attributed to the rarity of the Internet service in that region.

2. Different devices are used by students for online research

The growth of technology has flooded the market with different technological devices that can access the Internet. Students who took part in the research by Top Universities attested to using more than one gadget to access the internet for their research. Majority of them used laptops but with the proliferation of cheap smartphones into the market, the trend is estimated to shift to the side of smartphones.

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3. University resources are considered as essential resources

Different websites are accessed by students for different purposes and students often rate these websites differently. Students would consider university websites as essential and university rankings websites as very important. Other websites and online resources that are accorded different levels of importance among students are social media and online forums.

4. Different online resources fulfill different purposes for students

Social media for students are usually sort out for inspiration among students while prospective students would mostly visit university ranking websites in order to help them make better university choice. However, prospective students also visit different websites to pull resources during their research.

5. Social media is the least important resource

There are some students that consider social media as a distraction. The number of social media is on the increase. Some of the popular social media are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. However, this opinion varied significantly with age. In general, they are considered as less important source for online resources among students working on different project.

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6. Students still find it difficult finding all the resources they need

Despite the ease of use of the Internet and the vast amount of online resources available, almost 40 percent of students have reported they found it difficult sourcing information on scholarships and funding while about 20 percent reported difficulty in visa.

7. Universities still make sending emails as a priority means of contacting students

Though there are different means of contacting students, schools still prefer to contact their students through emails. However, some universities are currently aiming to diversify their means of communication through social media. A good number of students on the other hand still prefer phone calls and letters as means of contact.

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Article highlights

  • Students use the Internet as a source of information.
  • University ranking websites are the highest visited website by students.
  • Some students say they still find it difficult to find the information they want with the Internet.
  • Social media are used by some students as an inspirational tool.
  • Offline resources are placed at almost equal value with online resources.
  • Top universities conducted a research to find out how students use the Internet.
  • Students use different electronic gadget to access the Internet.
  • Some websites are considered as essential by students.
  • There are different social media that fulfill different interest.
  • Universities still prefer to communicate with students through emails.

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