Grabbing Bachelor of Occupational Therapy through Distance Learning

Grabbing Bachelor of Occupational Therapy through Distance Learning
Grabbing Bachelor of Occupational Therapy through Distance Learning
January 23, 2017

The population explosion on the global stage has made the process of securing of jobs more difficult. The unemployment rate is on the rise and many people have been locked out of the job system – a disturbing statistics which has been attributed, on several occasions, to the rise in the level of crime in the society. On the other hand, there are those who are not employed because they are less able to perform their daily roles – where does the society place them?

Occupational therapists study human behavior in adverse conditions

Those people that cannot for one reason or the other perform their daily activities are being handled by occupational therapists. The primary role of occupational therapists is to motivate such people and improve their self-esteem so that they may be able to cope with what the society needs from them. Occupational therapists can thus be seen as hope builders.

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Certain reasons may make an individual to lose faith in him or herself

Many individuals have come down with one terminal illness or the other which has left them incapacitated and unable to take care of them. There are others that survived terrible accidents that deformed their faces in ways that make them shy of the society. An individual’s lifestyle choice may make them live in hiding too. Whatever the case may be, occupational therapists tries to restore confidence in such people.

Occupational therapy is not restricted to physical health alone

As rightly mentioned above, occupational therapists do not deal with those who are physically unhealthy alone. The course is vast in the areas it covers which includes dealing with the psychology of the people. The course covers healthcare, medicals and human behaviors and students will be taken through the change in the health care system of the society.

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The duration of distance learning online is not too different from the offline approach

Except with a few exceptions, the majority of the bachelor degree courses that are studied in the conventional universities take four years to complete. When it comes to online learning, there is a possibility that the duration of study of some of the courses can be sped up. However, occupational therapy is one of the few that must be studied in four years online, just as it is done offline.

Any student that has a little above average in 12th grade can study occupational therapy

The minimum score a 12th grader can have to be eligible to study occupational therapy is 55%. Any student that completes the standard 12 with the aforementioned minimum can apply to study occupational therapy but this score can vary from one university to the other – so, if one university rejects you, you can try another.

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The syllable of occupational psychology is not something strange

The topics you will cover when you enroll to become an occupational therapist will not be strange, rather, a recap of some of the courses you have done in your 12th grade meaning that if you did not cheat through your 12th standard, they should not be a problem to you. Some of the courses you will find on the syllable are physiology, biology, physical and vocational rehabilitation, social care and a host of others.

There are two ways a degree in occupational therapy can be gotten

You can either decide to pursue a degree in occupational therapy using the conventional classrooms or you can opt for the distance learning option. There are various institutions providing distance learning in occupational therapy and finding one should not be a problem.

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Article highlights

  • Population explosion is one of the reasons why there are fewer jobs.
  • Some people are unemployed because they are less able to perform their roles.
  • Stigma can make someone lose their self-esteem.
  • Low self-esteem is the main reason behind inefficiency in a job.
  • Occupational therapist will try to motivate such people and increase their self-esteem.
  • Occupational therapist deals with physical health and psychology.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Occupational therapy takes four years to acquire.
  • The minimum score to qualify for occupational therapy is 55 percent.
  • Different universities have their minimum requirement.
  • The courses offered in occupational therapy will not be strange to a 12th grade passed student.

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