ICDC College: Are You Ready For An Online Degree?

ICDC College: Are You Ready For An Online Degree?
ICDC College: Are You Ready For An Online Degree?
August 26, 2016

A flexible, convenient classroom that works at your own pace at the time chosen by you and subjects too chosen by you -That’s online virtual 24/7 classroom of online degree. One of the popular institution providing quality courses is ICDC College. Established in 1995, it has two campuses in south California along with an online campus. ICDC- International Career Development Centre is an accredited institution by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

History – it started as a software and hardware training school

The college first started as a training school for entry-level students and professionals providing software and hardware training. With increase in its popularity, it started opening new campus and also offering new programs. It understood the current need of employers, and started offering website designing, database designing, computer networking and repair and additional tech and business solutions. In 2011, it started offering online degree course that would provide certificates, fast-track diplomas and AOS degrees (Associate of Occupational studies).

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They take care of every student

For working students with busy schedules, if they wish to pursue an online degree for career advancement ICDC is the smartest choice for them. It provides asynchronous training, which means students can learn from anywhere, and anytime when their busy time schedule permits. Though having a synchronous education, enables students to have quick doubt clearing with their peers, ICDC makes sure there is individual student care provided for doubt clearing via one-on-one doubt clearing video chat sessions online. Students are provided technical and career advisor for personal advancement in the race. Courses are career focused which are readily applicable on jobs and enables students to get placed easily.

You get access through their online resources

Getting enrolled for that envious degree is quite easy and the virtual classroom is available 24/7. ICDC College issues a personal login for each student that gets him access to all resources. There is set schedule for every class with due dates though students can choose to learn at their own pace and anytime. At the beginning of any course, there is a orientation class where students can get their doubts cleared regarding any myths of online education.

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Open enrolment policy at the institution ensures any student can apply and receive financial and military aid. In 2010, the students even received congratulatory letters from president Obama. Through online programming, students across the world can access study materials and other works, which are cost-effective, and saves a lot of time, which can be used by the students in doing other productive works.

The flexible and convenient online degree course requires students to have access to Internet along with a suitable electronic device viz. smart phone, tablet, laptop etc. In this century it is quite easy as we are actually living in a digital world where the numbers 0 and 1 makes all the impassable work conceivable and we being continuously in touch with others on different parts of the planet.

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Programs offered by ICDC college

Below are some of the certificate, AOS and fast-track diploma programs offered by ICDC

  • Addiction treatment counseling
  • Alcohol and drug counseling
  • Healthcare management
  • Paralegal
  • Physical therapy Aide
  • Security and Crime Prevention specialist
  • Business Management and Accounting
  • Computerized accounting
  • Computer repair/ Networking
  • Graphic/ web development

Change your life today- that’s the motto of ICDC college.

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Article highlights

  • Online education requires access to internet and a suitable electronic device.
  • ICDC College is one of the most popular institutions providing quality online education.
  • Started in 1995, it has two campuses in south California along with the online course, which started in 2011.
  • It has accreditation from ACCSC.
  • It provides certificate, AOS and fast-track diploma programs online.
  • Courses offered ranges across various fields from business, software, healthcare to hardware, networking, security etc.
  • For getting access, ICDC issues a personal login and students can learn at the virtual classroom at their own pace.
  • Personal career and technical advisor are provided to students for their individual doubt clearing.
  • It has received a number of awards and also congratulatory letter from President Obama.
  • Qualified online students receive laptop and career development assistance.

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