Insights on Bethel’s Online Learning Program

Insights on Bethel’s Online Learning Program
Insights on Bethel’s Online Learning Program
August 26, 2016

Bethel University was established in 1842

Bethel University was established back in 1842 in McLemoresville, Tennessee. The State of Tennessee authorized it in 1847 and Bethel started off as an institute for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to train male pastors. However, when the campus moved to McKenzie in 1872, the institution started taking in women students as well.

With the launch of the success program in 1997, the demand to be admitted in the institution grew manifold.

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Now, Bethel offers classes at 7 locations in total that comprises of Paris, Jackson, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Clarksville.

Two challenges – lack of finance and trained personnel

In 2006, the college was in a complete fix of whether to operate at the current size, or to expand its educational opportunities to a greater extent. This led the leadership and faculty to think of online educational facilities to offer greater flexibility to the students, to increase enrolment, and boost the financial position of the college. But although the need for online programs seemed the best option, the lack of finance and trained personnel seemed like an obstruction in the path.

The solution was to create a new learning system

In view of the challenge faced, Savant (Savant Learning Systems) was formed, that consisted of a group of experts in leading subject matter related to technology and education. Savant offered flexible and engrossing learning methods to students nationwide, by using a proven model to identify the needs, develop specialized solutions, and thereby implement success tools for the students, and in this way set out to increase the number of students at Bethel.

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The learning system was implementation in 2007

Savant established their first LMS or Learning Management system, a top-notch curriculum, and a V-camp to start off their first online course at Bethel University in 2007.

Bethel’s online programs

Bethel had introduced its first online course in the form of MBA degree in October 2007, that quickly became the most popular executive MBA program in Tennessee.

They offer courses to students worldwide

In the same year, the college’s humongous growth earned it the possibility to become a university, and thereon is known as the Bethel University. The university now has 6 separate colleges in total, that provides a number of on-campus and online courses to the students worldwide.

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Bethel has gone through restructuring and renovation

Bethel University started restructuring and renovating their building and facilities since 2010 to balance the growing number of students at their end. The establishment of Savant’s LMS proved to be a lot beneficial for the university, and has also garnered a lot of students since its inception at Bethel.

Bethel has 5,000+ students

As of Fall 2013, bethel university has enrolled approximately 5,825 students.
As of Fall 2014, the university has admitted nearly 5,846 students.

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  • Bethel university was established back in 1842 in McLemoresville, Tennessee.
  • Bethel offers classes at 7 locations now.
  • The demand for the institution grew manifold with the launch of the success program in 1997.
  • The college faced a challenge of whether to operate at the same size or to expand to a greater extent. However, the lack of funds and personnel proved to an obstacle in the path.
  • As a solution, Savant was established that aimed to boost enrolment at bethels through the introduction of online programs.
  • In 2007, Savant established LMS in the campus of bethel and started its first online course.
  • Bethel started its first MBA degree in 2007 that became increasingly popular in the nation.
  • In 2009, the college turned to a university.
  • Bethel started restructuring their facilities to accommodate more students.
  • The university has close to 6,000 students as of Fall 2014.

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