Is Online Education Going to Be the Ultimate Education System?

Is Online Education Going to Be the Ultimate Education System?
Is Online Education Going to Be the Ultimate Education System?
October 1, 2016

Education is considered to be an important element in life for each and everyone for so many centuries but it has been so far done in the conventional way. In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of articles addressing the benefit of the non-conventional form of education – the online education. It is soothing to know that there are so many people who have refused to be limited by the traditional educational form.

There are divergent opinions about online education

There seems to be some kind of conflict in ideas between those who are for and those who are against online education. Cost has remained the strong point for those who have pitched their tent with online education as they consider the traditional universities expensive. StartClass reported that the aggregation of student loan debt hit $1.32 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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It is difficult to get similar caliber of education online

The parties against online education which often have old-fashioned academia as their forerunners usually defend their stance with the claim that it was impossible to get the same quality of education online as offered in the classroom.

The teacher-student relationship is at stake

There is also the notion among those that do not believe in the efficacy of online tutoring that online experience can never effectively measure up or replace the personal relationship that builds between teachers and students; likewise the large network that it creates. This is a strong argument but the truth remains that some traditional education graduates never speak to their teacher or classmates afterwards which disproves this claim.

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Online education students have more support from their peers

Classroom education often feels like a competition and will generate more antagonism than synergism. Students taking online courses are usually linked to a community of students undergoing similar courses. These interactions have been shown to be of great benefit to the students as they get help on confusing topics almost immediately when they need them. They also get expedited help from the program administrators unlike in the traditional schools.

Traditional education is a colossal waste of time

Online education streamlines the learning process so that students will go straight into learning what they want to learn unlike in a traditional school setting where two to four years are spent learning unrelated topics. Talking about waste of time, the world has changed to the point where one does not need to spend as much as 4 years to build a relationship.

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Online education is a way of moving with the trend

There is virtually no aspect of our lives that has not been invaded by technology. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to allow education evolve along in the same direction. With proper supervision and development, online schools can offer high-quality content which will allow students to work at their own pace. Also, updating of curriculum can be done in a speedy manner to meet up with the requirements of the recruiters.

Data suggests that online students possess better skills

Data that emerged from Triplebyte at some point had a strong indication that online boot camp graduates qualified better for entry-level programming jobs than traditional computer science degree graduates.

Difference between 4 years accredited degree and the online alternative lies in the skill

The aim of anyone going to school is to obtain requisite skills that will enable them fill over five hundred thousand vacant tech jobs in the United States. The source of the skill – whether through traditional learning or the new online learning – is far less important than the quality of the skill acquired.

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Article highlights

  • Education in the past was only done in classrooms.
  • Articles speaking for non-conventional education are increasing.
  • Old fashioned academia claims the quality of online and classroom education can never be the same.
  • Increasing cost of traditional education is working in favor of online education.
  • Online education is not likely to affect teacher student relationship.
  • Classroom students are always in antagonistic competition.
  • Online students find more help from their peers.
  • Many years are spent in traditional education in learning unrelated courses.
  • Accepting online education will be a way of moving with the technological trend.
  • Online graduates perform better in jobs.

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