Online Learning Platforms can Help You Balance Work and Personal Life

Online Learning Platforms can Help You Balance Work and Personal Life
Online Learning Platforms can Help You Balance Work and Personal Life
September 18, 2016

Placing a balance between work and personal life can be a daunting task. Sometimes, you will feel the urge to reply to work emails when you are at home and are supposed to be enjoying a quiet time. A study showed that forty-five percent of workers feel the obligation to work even when they are at home. While another forty-seven percent feel they are working under pressure.

You can learn how to separate work from personal life

What you do frequently will soon become a habit and that is the major problem most workers easily run into. After prolonged years of work they become addicted to the screams of their phones or computers. Some have become helpless about their situation however, with the right training, one can learn to separate work from personal life.

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You don’t need to attend any classes to learn this skill

For those who feel stuck in this habit, they may complain that there is no time off their busy schedule for them to learn this skill. The good news is that they do not need to attend any school to learn this skill. The training is done online and would not require them to drop any of their busy schedules.

Harvard business school has an executive education course called Families

This package, Families in Business organized by Harvard focuses on eliminating some of the challenges professionals face in terms of organizing their personal life and their work life. The course is led by experts who teach family business to help families prevent rifts and legal issues.

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Harvard business school is a respected educational institution

One of the reasons why you need to consider taking up this course in Harvard Business School is because of their reputation. Entrepreneurs will usually acquire the skills to be winning leaders from one of Harvard’s executive courses. Signing up for one of Harvard’s courses can be done on an individual basis or an organization can sign up an entire team.

Mogul is a platform that offers work-life balance courses

This platform is mostly dedicated to women and some of the courses that were offered include; entrepreneurship, finance, relationship, travel and fitness. Entrepreneurs should seize this opportunity to improve their personal life and their attitude to work. This can only be done when they take up skill-building lessons.

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There are great benefits for mogul students

The benefit of taking up training is numerous beginning with the affordable nature. Courses are around $29. The course links up students to help them communicate with each other and this helps to improve their communication skills. A student can easily connect with other students and mentors that will provide them useful tips on how to balance their work and life.

EdX can help you when you want to pursue personal interest

Working as an employee will most certainly limit your ability to chase personal interests. EdX has many courses online that covers arts and history. Students can take up courses on architecture, jazz, modern Japanese, or novel writing. Each of the aforementioned courses is designed to aid working professionals by working professionals.

EdX popularity is linked to Harvard University

EdX was found by the collaborative effort of Harvard University and MIT sometime in 2012.The quality of education offered by EdX is closely monitored by universities and students to ensure the quality remains unaltered. The courses are available online and students are given insight on what to expect.

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Article highlights

  • What you do frequently will soon become a habit.
  • Workers often find it hard balancing work life and personal life.
  • When work life and personal life are not balanced, frustration soon sets in.
  • A large percentage of workers feel like they are under pressure to work.
  • Separating work from personal life is a skill that can be learned.
  • Workers on tight schedule may not be willing to attend traditional schools.
  • Online courses are properly monitored to make sure that their quality is maintained.
  • Being effective as a paid employee may limit your chances of chasing personal interest.
  • There is a wide variety of courses available online.
  • Online courses are more convenient and cheaper than traditional schools.

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