Online Learning Platforms that Dominate in India

Online Learning Platforms that Dominate in India
Online Learning Platforms that Dominate in India
January 21, 2017

Online learning leverages on the following; video files, images, texts and the Internet to deliver information to students studying around the globe. A learning platform usually has informative blogs, live lectures and discussion boards or forums where students can engage with each other leading to diffusion of knowledge.

Students can teach themselves through online platforms

The regular learning platform has made it look as if students are supposed to come to class and listen to their lecturers without directly influencing each other. The discussion boards and forums that come with every online learning environment, on the other hand, allow students to learn from each other in a social media-like fashion without the help or interference of the teachers.

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4G service that was recently launched in India has greatly impacted rural dwellers

We all know that online education program heavily relies on the use of the Internet to connect the lecturers and students who are in different locations. During video conference classes students in areas with a poor network may not be able to participate. Thanks to the 4G network that was recently launched in India, rural students can now tap into the full benefits of online education program without limitation.

Pictorial presentation aids student’s memory on a subject

It is normal for most lecturers to enter the class with nothing more than a few reference materials which they place on their table. They talk to the students and leave when their time is over or when they get tired. In the online platform, on the other hand, each topic is backed up with pictures or videos or charts which help students to easily understand and memorize the topic.

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Online education implementation dates back to nearly a hundred years old

Computer-based testing in the twenty-first century is becoming almost the only form of testing in many schools. However, the first testing machine was tested by scientists in 1924 and was mainly meant for students to test themselves. There was an improvement in the first model in 1954 which gave schools the power to administer programmed directives to their students. The first computer-based testing was successfully introduced in 1960.

Higher percentage of students in India prefer online learning to offline learning

It was only recently that the online education became popular in India. In the past, offline learning was the most preferred choice among students but the table has turned in recent times in favor of the online education. There are education portals currently available in India that offer detailed information on various sectors in India including job vacancies, current affairs, and news.

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Students have a lot to benefit from studying online

Students who are studying online have numerous advantages over their counterparts in the offline structures and the first of them is that they remain in tune with the technological development that is the current global trend. Other benefits that come with studying online include:

1. Liberty to study from any location

Nothing facilitates effective learning like learning from an environment in which you are most comfortable. This is one of the benefits available to Indian students that want to study online at the moment. They only need to visit the website of the leading online platforms and register to purchase study material.

2. Students choose the learning style that suits them most

The major reason why many offline students in India fail is because the learning platform compels students to learn using one style. In online learning, on the other hand, there are different learning styles vis-a-vis audio, videos and structured notes and students can stick with what works best for them.

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Article highlights

  • Online learning is heavily reliant on the Internet.
  • Online forums make it possible for students to learn from each other.
  • The launch of the 4G network is a serious boost to India’s rural dwellers.
  • Pictures aid student’s memory.
  • The first computer-based testing dates back to 1924.
  • As of now, Indian students favor online education to the regular one.
  • Online education has numerous advantages over offline education.
  • Online education brings comfort to the learning process.
  • In online education, students can choose the learning style that they are more comfortable with.
  • Students can save cost through online education.

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