Online Learning: The Changing Scenario in Contemporary World

Online Learning: The Changing Scenario in Contemporary World
Online Learning: The Changing Scenario in Contemporary World
August 26, 2016

There is a French proverb that goes – “Learning is the eye of the mind”. Learning for creating an edge over others in grabbing lucrative job opportunities at the earliest or for increasing knowledge bank should be encouraged. In this contemporary world when all have the required basic educational qualification, how to have an edge over others? Go for online learning.

You just need to be connected to the internet and can have access to all resources for your preferred course, which are in downloadable form. You must also have an effective electronic gadget such as Smartphone, tablets, laptops, PC etc. Most importantly, you must have the will and understand the need for it in your career advancement in the current scenario.

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Advantages of Online Learning

Students of online learning become self disciplined and have better time management skills. The significant advantages are as follows:

Flexible learning environment

In real world of brick and mortar classrooms  where you will be forced to a stipulated course, in the virtual world of online learning you will have a wide array of courses to choose from for your benefit. From elite schools to premiere corporate enterprises, everyone  has chosen online multimedia platform to deliver knowledge in vast subjects from engineering, software languages to law, human sciences, earth sciences etc. to name a few. You don’t have to visit any training location so it’s a comfortable experience for you.

Time management

Students learn from anywhere and at anytime using suitable electronic gadgets. Also online courses take comparatively less time to complete than traditional courses and hence you can have the choice to dedicate your free time to other hobbies or courses.  You can schedule your course according to your need. Video lectures by professors can be simultaneously telecasted at various geographic locations allowing students to grow at the same pace with others.

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Cost effective

At the expense of a nominal fee or sometimes even free, you can make your mind sharper and more effective. Free online courses are particularly beneficial for the economically backward people who can’t afford the mondo course fees at traditional universities and even for people who don’t have the time. Students save travel and accommodation costs. The organisation don’t have to maintain a campus site with all its facilities and equipments hence it’s cost effective for them too. Having less credit hours compared to traditional learning is always welcoming.

Remain updated

What you learn today in traditional courses are based on past events and experiments whereas in online courses you learn the present requirements. With improved technology, the online learning sites are updated frequently giving you the experience, which others will learn later in traditional courses.

Disadvantages of Online Learning

Solo performer

Being devoid of any human interaction, students won’t learn competing with others which is very much stimulating and omnipresent in the corporate world.

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Lack of practical knowledge

With the advantage of not having to visit any training venue comes the disadvantage for those courses where practical knowledge is necessary.

Effective communication required

Communicating through chats and discussions threads in one’s dashboard is essential in this mode of learning and they are the only mode of communication with professors and virtual classmates. If you can’t adapt to it, it will be your disadvantage.

Weigh the pros and cons effectively before starting any course. It won’t be beneficial if you leave any course midway.

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  • Online learning requires internet connection and an effective electronic gadget.
  • With online learning, students can learn from anywhere and at anytime one wishes.
  • A wide array of choices for course selection.
  • All materials are in downloadable format for ease of research and learning in the chosen course.
  • Credit hours of online learning are less compared to traditional learning and sometimes even free of cost.
  • Remain updated and learn the current development in chosen field as these courses are upgraded frequently.
  • Many elite colleges and enterprises provide training and special class online.
  • Not beneficial if the course chosen requires practical experiments.
  • It’s more of a solo race where you don’t have to compete with others in getting better score.
  • You have to smart and very good in communicating through emails and chat boxes for clearing doubts in your fields.

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