Online Universities Look Like Technology Companies

Online Universities Look Like Technology Companies
Online Universities Look Like Technology Companies
September 13, 2016

The inception of online degrees was a breath of hope to those who by one reason or the other have found it difficult attending the traditional education. Over close to forty years of its inception, online universities – also known as open universities – have been providing distant and quality education to students using supported open learning.

Online university champion learning using technology

A hundred percent of the learning process of distance education is done online using various technological gadgets. This is one good attribute they possess particularly with the dawn of the internet age. In a way, they are encouraging their students to be technology savvy which is a vital skill needed to remain relevant in the new technologically driven society.

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The confusion between online universities and technology companies

There is a growing confusion as to who to call an online university and who to call a technology company. It is not clear whether to call an Open University a technology company because they make use of technology to achieve their purpose. On the other hand, some companies insist that they should be called technology companies for one reason or the other.

An insider’s account of Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the companies that are yet to be fully evolved or reach their full potential. Paul Graham spent time in Yahoo in the late nineties and came up with an interesting article which is suggestive that Yahoo is ambivalent and at a point of time considered themselves as Technology Company rather than just a company and still insist on calling themselves a media company.

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Technology companies differ from media companies

The difference between the two is somewhat slim; the reason why one can easily be mistaken for the other. The company in view at a point in time had developers and programmers writing codes and developing softwares. These are pats of the qualities of a technology company but the problem was that they sold ads which are the major source of income for media companies therefore to many, they remained media companies.

Making money through ads was a limitation to Yahoo

It is natural for every company to focus more on the money spinner and so did Yahoo. They enjoyed the funds coming in from the sale of ads, therefore coding and programing became a commodity rather than staying in the heart of the culture of the company. For this reason, they lost the attention of good coders resulting in a not so good product.

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Change in story began with the coming in of a competitor

When Google began to make her presence felt by attracting top coders and staff always on their toes to solve problem, the story changed. They definitely began as a technology company and have sustained the tempo ever since. Amazon is also considering herself as a technology company rather than a retailer although in the real sense of it they should be called online retailers because they are looking to sell everything.

The benefits of technology company attitude is enormous

The attitude of technology companies is very beneficial to mankind because they are constantly pushing the limit to what we know and consider possible. This attitude also makes them conglomerate the best talents there are in any field and gives room for organization freedom.

This benefit is being extended into online education

The nature of traditional education is changing as it is being constantly being encroached upon by technology companies in the form of distant education. It seems online universities are not perturbed leading to the question of whether they also consider themselves as technology companies.

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Article highlights

  • Online universities are source of hope to many to further their education.
  • It is over 40 years since the inception of online education.
  • Online universities are also called open universities.
  • Online universities use technology for all of its administration.
  • The quality of education of open universities is not diminished.
  • Some companies consider themselves as technology companies.
  • Media companies make money by selling ads.
  • Technology companies are encroaching into online education.
  • It is hard to tell if open universities can be considered as technology companies.
  • Dissemination of online education is aided by technology.

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