Opportunities and Challenges in the Way of Mobile Learning

Opportunities and Challenges in the Way of Mobile Learning
Opportunities and Challenges in the Way of Mobile Learning
January 23, 2017

Over two decades ago, some of the things we see as normal were tagged impossible and in some places, you may be lynched for trying to propagate such unethical ideas. Today, technology has swept through the globe and made them possible. Currently, mobile devices have become a part of our daily lives that some will feel incomplete without them, and in many ways, they have affected our approach to learning.

Information is now available at our fingertips

In the not too distant past, a research student will need to consult the library and browse through thousands of books and journals to get the information they desire. In our current days, however, with a mobile device that is linked to the Internet, the student is flooded with information. As the power and functionality of the mobile devices grow, so will their ability to support learning in myriads of ways.

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Distant learning has metamorphosed from mobile to desktop

Distance learning used to be confined to the desktop, meaning that the participants would have to choose a spot where they take their lessons. With the proliferation of mobile devices and Internet connections, distant learning can learn on the go because the platform is expanding to contain mobile devices.

The full potential of mobile devices is yet to be reached

As of now, mobile devices are still marketed for the sole purpose of entertainment and communication. Other uses of mobile devices such as for banking and as means of accessing schools are cropping up but are yet to reach their full potential. In general, the introduction of mobile technology has helped to improve productivity in all the sectors that its use has become prominent.

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Mobile learning has undergone a lot of transformation

The current state of mobile learning is far different from what it used to be many years ago. More features have been introduced into mobile learning that is helping to transform how students receive their lessons and such features include augmented reality, specific context-based learning, sharing of learning resources and so on.

The future of mobile learning is bound to face some challenges

There are some challenges that will definitely stand in the way of further integration of mobile devices into our schools and they include; copyright issues, limited memory, screen size, connectivity and battery life, security of content, diverging operating systems and limited file formats it can support which also varies from one device to another.

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There will also be some social challenges to contend with in the use of mobile devices for distant learning

The learners will be faced with some social issues when it comes to the use of mobile devices for distant learning and the most glaring of them all are as follows; increased risk of distraction, changing device models can affect the learning experience, conceptual differences will always exist between e-learning and m-learning.

Mobile technology will find its way into classes in the future

Irrespective of the numerous challenges and uncertainties that cloud the future of mobile learning, in one way or the other, they will eventually become integrated into our classrooms and Bring Your Own Device will become the new slogan.

Learning through games will be better exploited in the future

The importance of gaming cannot be overlooked in the education system. Students who indulge in games come out with new concepts and ideas. One of the areas that need to be critically evaluated is the way lectures are delivered. Mobile technology needs to be well integrated to eliminate compulsory presence at lecture halls without the student feeling left out.

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Article highlights

  • Mobile devices are currently being underused.
  • Mobile devices increased the ease of access to information.
  • Desktop computers used to be the only means of accessing distant education in the past.
  • Output of production sector has witnessed a leap as a result of mobile technology.
  • New features have been introduced on the mobile e-learning platform.
  • Copyright issues, limited memory, screen size, connectivity are some of the future issues mobile device will face.
  • Mobile learning may increase the risk of distractions.
  • There are projections that mobile devices will eventually break into classrooms.
  • Gaming is an important means of learning.
  • The cost increase in the future will result from the need for every student to have their own device.

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