An Overall Study about Online Paramedical Courses

An Overall Study about Online Paramedical Courses
An Overall Study about Online Paramedical Courses
January 23, 2017

Learning has moved steeply away from classroom learning to online. The good news about this is – learning is no longer confined to a spot but you can learn on the go. Surprisingly, the literacy of the world population has rarely been affected by the increasing means of learning. The very poor nations are still reeling in poverty.

Access to the Internet is still limited to online learning

In various nations, the cost of accessing the Internet is so expensive that the very poor in the society who are most desirous of the knowledge cannot afford it. In other countries where it is relatively available, it is very slow. To be successful in online learning, you need a fast Internet connection. India recently launched a 4G network but the question remains, how many people have access to it?

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There are different ways online education is delivered

Online education has various means of approach and the means by which it is delivered can be through television, radio, satellite, the Internet, videotapes, cable, and correspondence courses. The physical presence of the student is not required. However, when video streaming class is being carried out, students are brought together with the help of the Internet.

Instructors can be present or absent in online learning

Certain institutions will prefer to prepare their lesson notes, videos, and audios and upload it on the Internet for the students to download at their own free time. Other institutions will prefer to have instructors hold live classes which students can take part in once they have access to fast Internet and log into the school portal.

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Online education allows the scholar to redefine them

The strength of a student is tested when they take part in online education; it is at their discretion to either take the study full time or part time. Without the prodding of classroom teachers and colleagues, the student will come to find out if they have the passion for learning or if they are just following the crowd.

Students who are studying paramedical courses will have their personal tutor

Every student will have a personal tutor that will guide them through the training method and work. The idea of a personal tutor will help the student to be in grip with the tutor. This also ensures that the tutor will be more efficient unlike what the case would be if they are to handle a large number of students at the same time.

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The syllable of online paramedical courses is similar to that of offline

There is no much difference in the syllable of online paramedical courses when compared to that of offline. The only difference here has to do with how the courses are delivered. Online learning has proven to be more efficient because it puts the student under less pressure, unlike the classroom learning where the lecturers always want the students to learn at the same pace forgetting that intelligent quotient differs.

Online learning makes use of asynchronous technique

In the asynchronous technique of learning, learning is done at different times. This is the approach majority of online learning schools use to deliver their lessons. This is opposed to the synchronous style where learning is done at the similar time. This technique has helped a large number of people to catch up.

Different paramedical related courses can be learned online

The list of paramedical courses that can be learned online includes master in radiation technology, diploma in operation theater technology, diploma in ECG technology and a bachelor of occupational therapy. These have opened up the horizon for those who wish to go higher in their career.

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Article highlights

  • The idea of learning is taking an online trend.
  • The success of e-learning is widely dependent on ease of access to the Internet.
  • Getting access to the Internet is a major challenge in many countries.
  • Television, radio, satellite, the internet, videotapes are some of the means of delivering content in e-learning.
  • The presence of an instructor in online education is optional.
  • Online education can be full or part time.
  • Self-motivation is critical to complete an online degree successfully.
  • Some online institutions make room for personal tutors.
  • The syllable of online and offline education are basically the same.
  • Online learning allows asynchronous learning.

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