Placing Online Degrees and Traditional Degrees Side by Side

Placing Online Degrees and Traditional Degrees Side by Side
Placing Online Degrees and Traditional Degrees Side by Side
July 14, 2016

Education started in the traditional form but the Internet is obviously an excellent medium. However, the growth of online education has been unprecedented and it is showing no sign of slowing. As of 2008, said a report, a total of 4.6 million students were enrolled in one online course of the other.

Online is more flexible than campus for obtaining degrees

With the online education, students from any part of the world can readily apply for admission into any school across the globe offering online courses. The campus based structure on the other hand places a number of limitations on the student as they would have to consider the travel cost and accommodation before making their choice on a school to attend.

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Validity of certificate remains the greatest bane to online education

Not everyone is aware of the difference between a genuinely accredited online course and a fraudulent one and this remains the greatest setback faced by online schools. Though there are also some fraudulent brick schools, their prevalence is always low because of constant raid on them by the education ministry.

Online degrees are gaining increased acceptance

Unlike in the past when no one will look at your credential if it contained an online degree, some research has been able to prove that the practice is on the decline. Certain programs cannot be suitably and effectively studied online some experts have said. Courses like engineering that needs large hand work or those requiring extensive lab work can only be effectively studied in the classroom.

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Online education creates room for the working class

Employed people may not want to quit their jobs to further their education in classrooms but with online education, they are ready to study. They can work during the day and study at night or as they deem fit which is one of the greatest breakthrough of online education.

Online education is also a way of cutting cost

When you are studying online, you do not have to bother about accommodation, feeding, transports and textbooks (because most of them will be available online at a fairer price). The cost of campus education has been steadily on the rise and threatens the literacy of the population. As the economy continues to deteriorate, not all parents may be financially buoyant enough to offer their wars campus education.

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Accreditation process has restored some sanity to online education

The ability to provide accreditation by some concerned agencies has made it possible for students to differentiate between genuine programs from the fraudulent ones. This has also increased the acceptability of online degrees because the body providing the accreditation monitors the schools and programs to be sure that they keep to standard.

Hybrid education can bridge the lapses between both forms of education

Both online and traditional education has their pros and cons. However, hybrid education is an attempt of bringing the two worlds together, that is, partly online and partly traditional.  Some schools have already looking into implementing hybrid education because of the flexibility and liberal use of technology it presents. This is probably the future of education.

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Article highlights

  • Online education has a lot to do with the establishment of the internet.
  • There are more fraudulent online degrees than campus degrees because of monitoring.
  • Online degree accreditation will help students identify fraudulent degrees.
  • Accreditation bodies closely monitor the programs to be sure they do not fall short of quality.
  • Legitimacy of online degrees are disputed by many faculties.
  • Working class adults will subscribe more to online education because of the flexibility.
  • A research has shown that online degree is receiving increased acceptance.
  • As of 2008, about 4.6 million students were taking online degrees.
  • Hybrid education which combines online and offline is the future of education.
  • Online education will help the student to cut cost.

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