Popular Websites and Tools to Help in Online Design Courses

Popular Websites and Tools to Help in Online Design Courses
Popular Websites and Tools to Help in Online Design Courses
August 26, 2016

Design is the development and creation of a plan for construction of an object or system. Applied arts, architecture, engineering design, graphic design, software design and web design are some of the popular disciplines of Design. From clothing, skyscrapers to business process and corporate identities, a diverse amount of objects can be designed.

Online classes for design courses is different

Online classes provide courses in visual design, UX, Software design and even methods of designing, as it has become one of the coveted skills nowadays. There are free courses as well as paid courses specializing in various areas of design. Like engineering, design also requires in-depth practical experience, which is not possible by learning only theories. However, these sites have made design education accessible for novice as well as experienced designers with their effective course structure and presentation.

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Design thinking refers to the experimental activities that designers apply during designing. It is a formal method for creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions for an improved future result. It is widely gaining importance for empathizing with the needs of the customer and testing prototypes for creating the desired result. IDEO’s Design kit, Coursera and Udemy are some popular sites providing courses in Design-thinking.

Popular websites providing design courses


One of the premier online design learning site comes at a monthly cost with two kinds of pricing. Courses are designed close to the regular university structure with different tracks such that a novice with no knowledge of HTML starts by basic website designing and becomes IOS app developer by the end of course.

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Now a part of LinkedIn, it has a strictly selective process for content providers. It provides visual as well as software design and web development for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners in its courses content. The video courses are taught by community of experts for a monthly subscription.


It provides design courses across all fields and some of which are even free!! There are independent learning tracks focusing on particular skills and these can be taken as individual courses or add-on. It is more of a skill-driven website and is best for beginners starting their fundamentals with HTML and CSS.

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Coursera is an open learning platform( MOOC) that provides contents from educators as well as professionals. BLOC focuses on programming courses along with on UX. Apart from these popular third party learning sites, there are universities such as Parsons, The art Institute, Fullsail and How university that provides online courses and degree certificate programs.

Websites for design inspiration

To get some design inspiration, students can surf websites of Niice, Dribble, Design inspiration on pinterest, Awwwards. These are some websites where designers show off their work. There are also editorial contents and design library with awards.

Fundamental design tools

After learning the basics, there are design tools available with UI library for creating prototypes and collaborate with teams. Adobe creative cloud integrates creative apps such as Photoshop and InDesign. Sketch is focused for MAC users interested in web designing. Omnigraffle is popular with experienced designers for diagramming and wireframes.

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Article highlights

  • A wide array of objects from clothing, skyscrapers to business process can be designed.
  • There are free as well as paid courses for UX, Visual design and software design.
  • Design-thinking refers to the creative activities that designers apply during the process of designing.
  • IDEO’s design kit, Coursera and Udemy provide Design-thinking courses.
  • Treehouse has different tracks for novice as well as experienced designers for a monthly subscription.
  • Lynda provides video courses in wide disciplines of design which are taught by community of experts.
  • Udemy provides free as well as paid courses and is a skill-driven website which is best for beginners.
  • Parsons, How university, Fullsail are universities providing online certificate programmes.
  • For design inspiration, students can check Niice, Dribble and Design inspiration on Pinterest.
  • Some popular design tools are Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch and Omnigraffle.

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